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Free Line 6 Helix 3.60 Firmware Update Features 14 New Models

Free Line 6 Helix 3.60 Firmware Update Features 14 New Models

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CALABASAS, CA. April 25, 2023 — Line 6 has released the free Helix® 3.60 firmware for its Helix Floor, Helix LT, Helix Rack, HX Effects™, HX Stomp™, and HX Stomp XL processors, as well as the Helix Native plugin.

“We are delighted that the Helix 3.60 update brings the Grammatico GSG100 to Helix and HX® processors, along with additional new amps, new effects, and a host of new cabs running on the new IR-based cab engine we introduced in the 3.50 update,” says Eric Klein, Chief Product Design Architect. “This is the 17th free update we’ve offered since Helix debuted, continuing our unwavering support for our community of Helix and HX users.”

Note that the HX Effects processor adds only the new effects.

New Models


  • Grammatico GSG – based on* the Grammatico® GSG100
  • Line 6 Elmsley – Line 6 original
  • Agua Sledge – based on* the Aguilar® Tone Hammer

Guitar Cabs (Single and Dual versions)

  • 1×12 Blue Bell – captured from* a 1×12″ Vox® AC-15 Blue Alnico
  • 1×12 Open Cream – captured from* a custom 1×12″ open-back cab G12M-65
  • 1×12 Open Cast – captured from* a custom 1×12″ open-back cab EVM12L
  • 2×12 Silver Bell – captured from* a 2×12″ Vox AC-30TB Silver Alnico
  • 2×12 Match H30 – captured from* a 2×12″ Matchless® DC-30 custom G12H-30
  • 2×12 Match G25 – captured from* a 2×12″ Matchless DC-30 custom G12M-25
  • 4×12 Greenback 20 – captured from* a 4×12″ Marshall® “basketweave” G12M-20

Bass Cabs (Single and Dual versions)

  • 1×12 Epicenter – captured from* a 1×12″ Epifani® Ultralight series
  • 4×10 Ampeg Pro – captured from* a 4×10″ Ampeg® PR-410HLF


  • Dark Dove Fuzz(Mono, Stereo) – based on* the Electro-Harmonix® Russian Big Muff
  • Triple Rotary(Mono, Stereo) – based on the Yamaha RA-200 rotary speaker

The Helix 3.60 firmware update is free and available now.

Download: line6.com/software

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About Line 6, Inc.

For nearly a quarter of a century Line 6 has developed products that empower musicians to achieve their full creative potential—from the world’s first modeling amplifier and the iconic red POD to today’s Helix and HX families of guitar processors and Powercab active guitar speaker systems. These and other Line 6 products have received numerous accolades, including the Guitar World Platinum Award, the Premier Guitar Premier Gear Award, and the Guitar Player Editors’ Pick Award.
For more information, visit line6.com.

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