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Helix Cabinet Models

Line 6 Helix Cabinet Models

Guitar Pro

This list contains all the cabinet models that helix will contain when it is shipped. The right column shows the real cabs they are based on.

ModelSubcategoriesBased On
Soup Pro EllipseSingle, Dual1 x 6×9″ Supro® S6616
1×8 Small TweedSingle, Dual1×8″ Fender® Champ
1×12 Field CoilSingle, Dual1×12″ Gibson® EH185
1×12 US DeluxeSingle, Dual1×12″ Fender® Deluxe Oxford
1×12 Celest 12HSingle, Dual1×12″ ÷13 JRT 9/15 G12 H30
1×12 Blue BellSingle, Dual1×12″ Vox® AC-15 Blue
1×12 Lead 80Single, Dual1×12″ Bogner® Shiva® CL80
2×12 Double C12NSingle, Dual2×12″ Fender® Twin C12N
2×12 Mail C12QSingle, Dual2×12″ Silvertone® 1484
2×12 InterstateSingle, Dual2×12″ Dr Z® Z Best V30
2×12 Jazz RivetSingle, Dual2×12″ Roland® JC-120
2×12 Silver BellSingle, Dual2×12″ Vox® AC-30TB Silver
2×12 Blue BellSingle, Dual2×12″ Vox® AC-30 Fawn Blue
4×10 Tweed P10RSingle, Dual4×10″ Fender® Bassman® P10R
4×12 WhoWatt 100Single, Dual4×12″ Hiwatt® AP Fane®
4×12 Mandarin EMSingle, Dual4×12″ Orange™ Eminence
4×12 Greenback25Single, Dual4×12″ Marshall® Basketweave G12 M25
4×12 Greenback20Single, Dual4×12″ Marshall® Basketweave G12 M20
4×12 Blackback30Single, Dual4×12″ Park® 75 G12 H30
4×12 1960 T75Single, Dual4×12″ Marshall® 1960 AT75
4×12 Uber V30Single, Dual4×12″ Bogner® Uberkab V30
4×12 Uber T75Single, Dual4×12″ Bogner® Uberkab T75
4×12 Cali V30Single, Dual4×12″ MESA/Boogie® 4FB V30
4×12 XXL V30Single, Dual4×12″ ENGL® XXL V30
4×12 SoloLead EMSingle, Dual4×12″ Soldano®
1×15 Ampeg B-15Single, Dual1×15″ Ampeg® B-15
2×15 BruteSingle, Dual2×15″ MESA/Boogie® 2×15 EV®
4×10 Ampeg HLFSingle, Dual4×10″ Ampeg® SVT-410HLF
6×10 Cali PowerSingle, Dual6×10″ MESA/Boogie® Power House
8×10 Ampeg SVT ESingle, Dual8×10″ Ampeg® SVT
Added with firmware 2.20
1×12 Cali IVSingle, DualMESA/Boogie® Mk IV 12” cab
1×12 Cali EXTSingle, DualMESA/Boogie® 12” extension cab (EVM12L speaker)
2×12 Match H30Single, DualMatchless® DC-30 cab (12” G12H30 speaker)
2×12 Match G25Single, DualMatchless® DC-30 cab (12” Greenback 25 speaker)
1×12 Del SolSingle, DualSunn® Coliseum 300 bass cab (12” speaker)
1×18 Del SolSingle, DualSunn® Coliseum 300 bass cab (18” speaker)
1×18 Woody BlueSingle, DualAcoustic® 360 18” bass cab
Added with firmware 2.90
1×12 FullertonSingle, DualClassic 1958 Fender® 5C3 Tweed Deluxe
1×12 GrammaticoSingle, DualModern 2016 Grammatico LaGrange
Added with firmware 3.00
1×10 US PrincessSingle, DualFender® Princeton Reverb cab
1×12 US PrincessSingle, DualFender® Princeton Reverb with a 12″ Alnico Blue driver

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