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Waveform Pro 11.5 Free Update From Tracktion

Waveform Pro 11.5 Free Update From Tracktion

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SEATTLE, WA (February 22nd, 2021)Tracktion Corporation has released a free update for Waveform Pro, it’s award winning, creative, affordable and fully featured digital audio workstation.

Designed for the needs of modern music producers, this deeply capable DAW is a suite of tools that is powerful, intuitive and even more user friendly. With this major free update, Waveform Pro 11.5, introduces a new audio engine, reduces CPU load, improves delay compensation and increases overall stability.

Right from the get-go, the new welcome screen gets users up and running with the minimum of fuss. It allows the quick set up of audio devices, provides a range of project templates, training materials and news. Plus, there is a host of UI refinements including track background colors, keyboard shortcuts, simplified clip handles and settings pages, improved main menu organisation, context menus and auto scroll.

Other enhancements include great new editing workflows like the quick and intuitive Range Selection, Ripple Delete and Heal/Consolidate/Silence. Clip programming is made easier with a dedicated step clip editor and the MIDI Clip upgrades includes transport hotkeys to control the midi view when focused and the ability to lock midi editor and arrangement window timelines. Plus, MIDI Typing allows users to toggle between computer and musical keyboards in an instant, making the jump between editing and playing seamless.

Waveform Pro 11.5 is about offering superior, creative and inspirational workflows in a streamlined DAW that is easy to use. The latest version retains ever popular features such as Arranger track, Groove Dr, Actions panel/window, Edit groups, MIDI Tools and Modifiers. It remains highly approachable for all levels of users and continues to offer a risk free 90 day FREE trial here: Music Production at its best… Go Produce!

To find out more please go to https://www.tracktion.com/products/waveform-pro

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