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Fiedler release Dolby Atmos Composer 1.5

Fiedler release Dolby Atmos Composer 1.5

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The acclaimed Fiedler Audio Dolby Atmos Composer Version 1.5 now features the first fully integrated Dolby Atmos Mixing and Mastering solution system.

Fiedler Audio / Germany – May 23rd, 2024 (ictw) – Fiedler Audio today released Version 1.5 of the acclaimed Dolby Atmos Composer. This significant update to the fastest tool for creating Dolby Atmos mixes out there, now adds the missing link, a solution for processing the dynamics of a full Dolby Atmos mix in just one step.

Producers of Dolby Atmos content always complained about the challenges of getting the dynamics of, especially complex, Dolby Atmos mixes under control. All the workflows from the stereo-music production realm didn’t work for Dolby Atmos mixes that can contain „beds and objects“ on up to 128 channels of Audio. Until now!

The solution to mix bus compression and mastering in Dolby Atmos now is the Dolby Atmos Composer 1.5. With the newly added master section, the Dolby Atmos Composer can host modules, just like plugins, that seriously work on the entire Dolby Atmos mix. Yes, all the 128 channels at the same time!

Introducing the first of the optionally available modules is gravitas MDS, Fiedler Audio’s mastering dynamics system. Now all the unique features of this dynamics processor go to town controlling the dynamics of the entire mix as an organic part of the creating workflow with any DAW (even the just stereo ones).

Even if there is the need to get mastering work done on existing Dolby Atmos mixes, and there is a lot of work to be done, believe us!! Just reach out to the Dolby Atmos Composer: it is a breeze to load any ADM/BWF Dolby Atmos master file into the Dolby Atmos Composer and perform dynamics operations with gravitas and the newly integrated fast loudness and peak measurement system.

It has never been easier to finalize Dolby Atmos mixes and prepare them for publication than with the Dolby Atmos Composer and gravitas.

The new Dolby Atmos Composer 1.5 features

  • Master Channel for processing your Atmos mix
  • Master Channel module gravitas, your Mastering Dynamics System (only with gravitas license)
  • New formats for monitoring and rerender (9.1.4, 7.1.2, Stereo Direct)
  • New format for loudness measurement (Stereo Direct)
  • New formats for Trim/Balance (Stereo Direct, 5.1.4)
  • Direct import for quick processing of any ADM/BWF files
  • Instant loudness measurement for loaded ADM/BWF files

Overview Dolby Atmos Composer – Next generation Dolby Atmos tools

  • Produce Dolby Atmos content on any DAW, even if the DAW is not capable of multichannel audio.
  • Monitor on multichannel speakers from any DAW directly from the Dolby Atmos Composer plugin
  • Up to 9.1.6 for monitoring
  • Use personalized HRTF for binaural monitoring
  • Easy setup without the need of manual routing configuration, no external app required
  • Connects to Dolby Atmos Beam and Spacelab (from version 1.5 onwards)

Dolby Atmos Beam – panning plugin

  • Position your inputs as objects around the listener easily
  • Record movement with mouse as automation
  • Convenient mapping of parameters to all major Pro Tools control surfaces
  • Panning to composite speaker layout or as dynamic objects
  • Quickly set objects to predefined speaker positions

Spacelab connection (V 1.5 onwards)

  • Direct connection of our world class 3D reverb to the Dolby Atmos Composer circumventing DAW limitations
  • Spacelab sources as dynamic objects in Atmos
  • Arbitrary speaker layouts as composite in Dolby Atmos


  • Export of Dolby Atmos ADM/BWF for distribution to all major platforms
  • Simultaneous export of speaker and headphone outputs of the renderer
  • Import ADM/BWF files for playback, dynamics correction, mastering and re-export

Pricing and availability

The Dolby Atmos Composer is available for Euro/ USD 249,- from the Fiedler Audio website and selected dealers worldwide. The update to v1.5 is free for existing owners of the Dolby Atmos Composer.
gravitas MDS dynamics system is available for USD/ Euro 299,-
The Dolby Atmos Composer / gravitas MDS Mastering Bundle is available for USD/ Euro 499,-

The following bundles are also available, all prices USD/Euro:

gravitas + Interstellar 3D Reverb: 649,-
gravitas + Ignition 3D Reverb: 499,-
Dolby Atmos Composer + gravitas + Interstellar 3D Reverb: 849,-
Dolby Atmos Composer + gravitas + Ignition 3D Reverb: 699,-

Dolby Atmos Composer 1.5 – New Features

Video by Fiedler Audio

Further Information: www.fiedler-audio.com

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