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Plugin Alliance Gallien Krueger 800RB

Plugin Alliance Gallien Krueger 800RB

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Plugin Alliance announces Gallien Krueger as partner brand with 800RB bass amp plugin providing more than just exacting emulation of original

SANTA CRUZ, CA, USA: Plugin Alliance, supporting all major plugin formats and uniting some of the best-known international audio companies under one virtual roof, is proud to announce the arrival of acclaimed American bass amp designer Gallien Krueger as its latest partner brand with the timely release of 800RB — duly developed by Brainworx as a plugin providing more than just an exacting emulation of the original amp — as of February 16…

Duly developed with a revolutionary bi-amped design, Gallien Krueger’s 800RB quickly became the go-to amp for bassists all around the world after its introduction in 1982. Known for its clean, transparent body, and highly regarded for its versatility, the original hardware was used on countless hit records from bands of different genres — ranging from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Guns ’n’ Roses, Green Day, No Doubt, and many more. By being officially licensed by Gallien Krueger and developed by Brainworx, the 800RB bass amp plugin provides more than an exacting emulation of the amp.

As such, 800RB users can speedily shape the high- and low-end tone using the separate knobs for the 100W AMP and 300W AMP, achieving the perfect blend of bass and bite. Better still, a whopping four-band ACTIVE EQUALIZATION section, together with the three (LO CUT, MID CONTOUR, and HI BOOST) Gallien Krueger-patented VOICING FILTERS, assists anyone with articulating the tone that they are aiming for — from huge bottom-end to growling attack, and everything in-between.

But beyond that, the bi-amplified architecture of 800RB provides users with two different power amps — one for the lows and one for the highs. An adjustable CROSSOVER FREQUENCY knob controls which frequencies go to which power amp, and there are separate MASTER VOLUMES knobs for each amp, making it easy to dial in the sweet spot for the desired tone.

Thanks to the bi-amped design, the Gallien Krueger 800RB amp plugin features not one but two separate RECORDING CHAINS modules for each amp — each containing 64 speaker cabinet impulse responses that the user can run their bass signal through, while selecting from a variety of highly-coveted mics, cabinets, and carefully-chosen outboard gear with which to individually tweak the character of each amp. All are topped with a selection of useful tools, including Phase Invert, Solo, and Auto mode, while an always-available FX RACK includes Noise Gate, Amp Filtering, and Noise Soak.

So clearly the Gallien Krueger 800RB plugin provides more than just an exacting emulation of the original amp as a versatile virtual addition to anyone’s DAW-driven recording world.

Plugin Alliance Gallien Krueger 800RB

Note that the proprietary Plugin Alliance Installation Manager means users can select, download, and install only the products and formats needed for their system.

About Plugin Alliance

World-class plugins. Dongle-free. Plugin Alliance is supporting all major plugin formats and uniting some of the best-known international audio companies under one virtual roof. The Santa Cruz, California-based company empowers world-renowned analog hardware companies with a digital strategy and provides software developers with services that allow them to develop products with increasing quality and quantity. It does this by providing professional marketing and distribution as well as platform features like a state-of-the-art authorization system. An open invitation is eternally extended to all developers, engineers, and artists to join its fast-growing community.

About Gallien Krueger

Gallien Krueger has been on the leading edge of bass amp design and technology for over 50 years. On a sunny afternoon in 1968, Robert Gallien walked into his local music store, carrying an amplifier he had made in his garage. 50 years and thousands of amplifiers later, Bob Gallien is still designing some of the most innovative and highly-sought-after products on the market. His creations enjoy a heritage of recording and stage performances with the world’s most discriminating artists.

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