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Of Mice And Men’s Phil Manansala Joins Gruv Gear Artist Family

Of Mice And Men’s Phil Manansala Joins Gruv Gear Artist Family

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Orange County, California (April 12th, 2021) – Gruv Gear is delighted to welcome Phil Manansala, lead guitarist with the band Of Mice And Men, to their Artist Endorser family.

Phil Manansala’s guitar playing and sound is at the heart of the unique blend of melody, heaviness and atmosphere which is immediately recognizable as Of Mice And Men (aka OM&M). As a band, millions have streamed their music, watched their YouTube videos and followed them on social media. In February 2021 they launched an EP, timeless, the first in a trilogy expected this year.

Manansala uses the Gruv Gear LYNK Solo Pedalboard, the FretWraps String Muters and the FretWedge Headstock Muters. The LYNK is a modular, linkable pedal board that allows users to build custom length boards. Made from lightweight aluminium, it can be adjusted to the perfect angle and can fitted with a wireless, rechargeable power supply to reduce cable clutter. The FretWraps are professional string dampeners that quickly slide over the headstock to effectively cut overtones and sympathetic resonance when playing. The FretWedge is the perfect complement to the FretWraps. It slips under the guitar strings, right behind the nut, to silence overtones and ringing noises.

Jay Baldemor, President of Gruv Gear, commented: “We’re stoked to have Phil on board as an official Gruv Artist! He’s been using and loving our products for some time now, and definitely excited to have him in our amazing family of top players and influential musicians.

To find out more about the Gruv Gear LYNK Pedalboard, FretWraps and FretWedge and all Gruv Gear’s other innovative products please go to https://gruvgear.com

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