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Power to the People: The KEMPER Power Kabinet is here

Power to the People: The KEMPER Power Kabinet is here

Guitar Pro 8 - Black Friday sale

The new powered monitoring solution for all KEMPER PROFILERS is available.

The KEMPER Power Kabinet™ offers 200 Watts of raw power and supports the unique KEMPER Kone™ speaker imprint technology, offering a choice of 19 classic guitar speaker imprints for the ultimate KEMPER PROFILER guitar sound experience.

Kemper GmbH/ Ruhr Area Germany, April 14th, 2021 (ictw) – Kemper today announce the immediate availability of the new KEMPER Power Kabinet™. The powered version of the acclaimed and award-winning KEMPER Kabinet™ features the new KEMPER Kone™ speaker, a build-in 200 Watts power amp, and a smart, build-in speaker stand for a slanted setup.

The KEMPER Kone speaker is controlled and driven by the KEMPER PROFILER’s DSP to provide a unique and versatile guitar monitoring system. Independent from the simultaneous full range feed to FOH and recording devices it features 19 included speaker imprints offering the finest choice of well-known guitar speakers from Celestion®, and many renowned other classic brands, even rare and particular speakers. This setup guarantees for the best in class „amp in the room sound”.

Alternatively on offer is an ultra-linear full-range mode. In contrast to the conventional idea of a full-range system, the KEMPER Kabinet sound carries a distinct guitar speaker character, unlike regular PA speakers or monitor speakers. To season the speaker behavior to the player’s taste KEMPER offers the unique „Sweetening” and „Directivity” Parameters for detailed personal and location-dependent adjustment.

The KEMPER Power Kabinet™ is the perfect monitoring system for all owners of unpowered KEMPER PROFILERS (Head, Rack, and Stage). Various bundles will become available. Stereo setups supported.

The package contains the Power Kabinet, power cord, a protecting dust cover, and features a smart, build-in speaker stand for slanted setup.

Pricing and availability

The KEMPER Power Kabinet™ is available from the Kemper Online Store for Euro 689,- USD 789,- and GBP 500,-


  • KEMPER Power Kabinet
  • Height: 43 cm (16.93 inches)
  • Width: 51,6 cm (20.31 inches)
  • Depth: 23,5 cm (9.06 inches)
  • Weight: 11,3 kg (24.91 pounds)
  • Poweramp output: 200W


By simply activating the PROFILER’s™ well-known Monitor Cab-Off function the KEMPER Kone loudspeaker is switched from full-range mode to the Speaker Imprint Mode, which then exactly mimics one of 19 classic guitar speakers. The sound of these imprints should not be mistaken with the mic’ed cabinet simulations of a Profile. They rather bring back the good old “amp-in-the-room” sound.

Since the intelligence of the speaker lies in the DSP of the PROFILER, it is supported to switch individual speaker imprints along with favorite rigs, without the need for extensive editing. Whenever a full-range sound is desired, for an acoustic guitar, for example, the KEMPER Kone will switch to full-range mode automatically.

Music that is fed into the PROFILER through the Aux Input will be played back in full-range mode, even when you play your amp with a Speaker Imprint, both at the same time.

Due to the digital features, the KEMPER Kone and KEMPER Kabinet work exclusively with a PROFILER.


The KEMPER PROFILER represents a radical new approach to guitar sound. For decades, the electric guitarist has effectively been shackled to the tube amplifier and a dedicated guitar speaker or cabinet as the only solution for getting “that sound”. This combination may indeed be glorious, but it is far from ideal; achieving consistent results between practice, studio, and touring situations continues to challenge the guitarist, just as it has since the early 1930s. With the advent of the KEMPER PROFILER, everything has changed. For the first time in history, guitar players are free to create the most unique and individual tones that reflect the very essence of the individual player, and then capture these exact sounds into the digital domain with Kemper’s unique technology.

Visit the Kemper Website for further information: www.kemper-amps.com

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