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Dean Guitars Attains Sweeping Win in Its Appeal Against Gibson

Dean Guitars Attains Sweeping Win in Its Appeal Against Gibson

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TAMPA, FL – Dean Guitars is proud to announce a significant legal victory in its long-standing trademark dispute with Gibson Brands, Inc. The U.S. Court of Appeals in the 5th circuit has ruled in favor of Dean Guitars by granting a full reversal and a new trial- vindicating the company’s position that its longstanding use of certain guitar models does not infringe on Gibson’s trademarks. The court held that evidence of countless other companies making these guitar models must be allowed to be shown in court.

“We are incredibly pleased with the court’s decision,” said Pam Rubinson, CEO of Dean parent company Armadillo Enterprises. “This court’s ruling affirms our commitment to Dean’s legacy V and Z models that have been in continuous production since 1977 and reinforces our belief in fair competition within the guitar industry. We have always strived to respect the history of guitar craftsmanship while bringing our own unique flair to the market. This is a complete vindication, we have fought this battle and won on our behalf of Dean Guitars and every other guitar manufacturer in the industry”.

Ron Bienstock, of Scarinci Hollenbeck LLC, attorney for Armadillo, stated:  “Amongst other issues, the court recognized the history of the Dean brand in their longstanding use of these guitar models, as well as countless other guitar companies that have produced and marketed these same guitars.”

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About Dean Guitars

Dean Guitars is a renowned guitar manufacturer based in Tampa, Florida- dedicated to producing innovative and high-quality guitars. With a focus on blending traditional craftsmanship with modern design, Dean Guitars has established itself as a leader in the musical instrument industry. For more information, visit www.deanguitars.com.

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