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MayFly Introduces the VoxBox microphone effects loop

MayFly Introduces the VoxBox microphone effects loop

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MayFly Introduces the VoxBox microphone effects loop. Designed for Vocalists, Horn Players, and anyone who wishes they could have effects on a microphone.

High quality effects for the tone obsessed Ottawa, Ontario – Feb 2, 2024 – The VoxBox was conceived around a simple idea: Why can’t vocalists and horn players enjoy the same pallet of effects that guitarists have? Seems unfair. So I designed a device that allows you to use effects with a microphone and control them live.

Want delay on your vocals, but only for one phrase? The VoxBox can do it. Want to add chorus to your trumpet for the climax of your solo? The VoxBox is your tool. Want to add subtle (or maybe not so subtle) reverb to that delicate sax part? You need a VoxBox.

Designed with recording artist Akeem Oh, the VoxBox features an XLR input with an integral studio quality microphone preamp. The signal is buffered and sent to a ¼” effects send. From there you can plug in ANY effect you want. The output of the effect plugs back into the VoxBox’s effects return. There is a knob to control the preamp gain (up to 60db), and another to control the blend between the wet and dry signals. Finally the signal goes out a balanced XLR jack (and an unbalanced ¼” jack) to your mixer or DAW. Don’t have effects? Just steal 1 or 2 from the guitarist (they have too many anyway).

MayFly VoxBox microphone effects loop

But the best part are the footswitches. The Engage Loop switch silently turns the loop on/off. But the Momentary Swap switch will temporarily engage/disengage the loop only when you have the switch pressed down. Perfect to accentuate just one phrase then get back to your regular performance. There’s also an Akeem Oh signature model! Featuring custom graphics by artist Pearly Water, the signature model is limited to only ten pedals. Available exclusively at Cicada Sound, Ottawa.

See the VoxBox Launch Video: https://youtu.be/1QfGjEDVsAM

  • Effects on your vocal mic (or trumpet, sax, etc.) and control them live.
  • Momentary swap switch gives precise control of the effects loop.
  • Studio quality mic preamp with 60db of gain.
  • Phantom power.
  • Microphone gain control.
  • Effects blend control.
  • XLR input.
  • XLR and ¼” outputs.
  • Requires 9VDC. 66mA.

Special introductory price: $149USD ($199 CAD). MayFly’s other pedals that pair well with the VoxBox include the Sketchy Zebra (phase shifter), Goddess (dual chorus), My Evil Twin (delay with modulation), and Jellyfish (dual reverb).

About MayFly Audio Systems, Ltd

MayFly Audio Systems is led by chief design engineer Trevor May. He’s a musician and electrical Engineer with a long career in audio, video, Chip design, CAD, telephony, mechanical design, and
acoustics. He’s published papers on compiler design, and holds a couple of patents. He is also a guitarist and songwriter, released five albums, and charted on the Billboard Top 100. Launched in 2020, MayFly builds its innovative line of effects pedals and loudspeakers in Ottawa, Canada.


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