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MayFly Sunrise guitar amplifier simulator

MayFly Introduces the Sunrise guitar amplifier simulator

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MayFly Introduces the Sunrise guitar amplifier simulator. A zero latency amp modeler with built in reverb designed to replace guitar amps live and in the studio.

High quality effects for the tone obsessed

Ottawa, Ontario – June 11, 2024 – The Sunrise is an analog model of the venerable Blackface Reverb amps of the 1960’s including the complex and full sounding power amp breakup, an analog multi-stage cabinet simulator, and a lush sounding stereo reverb. The Mayfly Sunrise can be plugged directly into the PA, DAW, or headphones (via the stereo headphone jack).

The Sunrise is clean at low volumes and begins to sweetly break up as the volume control passes 12 o’clock. The Sunrise features Treble, Midrange and Bass controls that accurately model the response of the original amplifiers, as well as Volume, Master Volume, Reverb and Dwell controls. The stock cabinet simulator in the Sunrise is the familiar open backed American sound. The Sunrise can be easily changed to a closed back British tone or anything in between using internal Cone / Cabinet resonance controls. Just like the originals, the Sunrise is pedal friendly. It features relay based full bypass: it can live at the end of your pedalboard and only be engaged as needed.

See the Sunrise Launch Video: https://youtu.be/Canz4dRTue0?si=5ch5qPH0Xb88CDMB

  • That Blackface Reverb sound – direct into the PA or DAW.
  • Treble, Midrange, and Bass controls respond as the original.
  • Volume and Master Volume controls.
  • Footswitchable stereo reverb with Level and Dwell controls.
  • Stereo headphone jack.
  • Tweakable cabinet simulator.
  • Pedal friendly.
  • Full bypass using relays.
  • Amp and cabinet emulator circuitry is all analog.

MAP price: $292USD ($399 CAD).

MayFly’s other pedal offerings include the Sketchy Zebra (phase shifter), Goddess (dual chorus), My Evil Twin (delay with modulation), Jellyfish (dual reverb), Open Window (overdrive), Dirty Window (distortion), Demon Girl (fuzz), and the VoxBox (microphone effects loop).

MayFly Sunrise guitar amplifier simulator

About MayFly Audio Systems, Ltd

MayFly Audio Systems is led by chief design engineer Trevor May. He’s a musician and electrical Engineer with a long career in audio, video, Chip design, CAD, telephony, mechanical design, and
acoustics. He’s published papers on compiler design and holds a couple of patents. He is also a guitarist and songwriter, released five albums, and charted on the Billboard Top 100. Launched in 2020, MayFly builds its innovative line of effects pedals and loudspeakers in Ottawa, Canada.

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