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Mark Five 35 - New Amp from Mesa Boogie. Compact 1x12 Combo and Head feature the addition of 4xEL84 power

Mark Five 35 – New Amp from Mesa Boogie

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Following a 35 year tradition of 4xEL84 based power, we’re proud to add the first-ever Boogie® MARK preamp to our 9-Pin power lineup and introduce the new MARK FIVE: 35™. This light-middleweight is an upgraded rendering of our popular mini-platform MARK FIVE: 25™ and like it, the new MARK FIVE: 35 delivers knockout performance far above its class.

Utilizing our Dyna-Watt™ power technology within the Multi-Watt™ Channel array provides substantially more headroom, punch and authority in 35 WATTS. Meanwhile, two low power Modes, 25 and 10 WATTS, offer a looser feel, more bounce and sag and enhanced power clip options.

New stage-ready upgrades include; Channel Independent SOLO controls, a full-size 3-spring Reverb tank, the complete set of Voicing Choices added to our on-board CABCLONE™ DI Output and an upscale Footswitch for access to the new footswitchable choices.

Based on overwhelming feedback from our community, we are offering the new MARK FIVE: 35 in both a 1×12 Combo and traditional 19” “Boogie®” size Head.

While the Head is perfectly paired with our Compact 2×12 Recto® cabinet, it can really sit atop a number of our Compact MESA® extension cabinets. The Combo can be coupled with an additional extension cab as well for even greater coverage.

As with all MESA amps, the full range of custom options are available including custom vinyls and leathers as well as exotic hardwood cabinetry.

Available Formats:

  • Head: Dimensions: 9 1/8″ H x 18 7/8″ W x 10 7/8″ D • Weight: 27 lbs.
  • 1×12 Combo: Dimensions: 18 1/8 ” H x 18 3/4″ W x 11 1/2″ D • Weight: 44 lbs.

Watch this video to hear what it sounds like

For more information about the Mark Five: 35™ please visit Mesa Boogie’s website at www.mesaboogie.com

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