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Gibson 2016 Guitar Lineup - Gibson USA introduces the new year 2016 guitar models

Gibson 2016 Guitar Lineup

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Gibson has announced its 2016 line. The new lineup includes Gibson’s most iconic guitars like Les Paul, SG, Flying V, Explorer and Firebird. They have created two lines – the Traditional (T) and the High Performance (HP).

Gibson Traditional

In the Traditional line you will find guitars that continue the spirit of Gibson instruments of the 1950s, with classic tone woods, vintage-voiced pickups, traditionally shaped necks and classic tuners.

Gibson High Performance

The High Performance line takes those classic Gibson instrument designs and gives them a number of playability, tone and quality enhancements for modern players. These include the truly remarkable fast-access heel which makes it easier to reach the high notes, the G FORCE™ Tuning System for instantly tuning your guitar or recalling pre-set alternate tunings, the Soloist neck width, titanium saddles, Zero Fret Adjustable Nut and more.


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New Traditional Series

  • Historic heel
  • TekToid nut
  • Original neck width
  • Vintage tuners
  • Standard toggle switch
  • Double-contact-point jack
  • Traditional grade wood selection
  • Acrylic inlays
  • Traditional hard shell case (Specific Models Only)
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High Performance Series

  • Fast Access heel
  • Adjustable titanium zero fret nut
  • New soloist’s neck width
  • Improved G-Force tuners
  • Smooth silent-action toggle switch
  • New gold plated multi-contact jack
  • Dip switch for over 150 rewiring options
  • Higher grade wood selection
  • Genuine Mother of Pearl inlays
  • Fortified aluminum case (Specific Models Only)

For more information Gibson’s 2016 Lineup please visit Gibson USA’s website at www.gibson.com

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