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Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster – Fenders new reverse Headstock Strat

Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster – Fenders new reverse Headstock Strat

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Reverse Headstock

The reverse headstock is a classic Jimi Hendrix look and alters string tension for a unique playing feel. The large 70s-style headstock bears the Hendrix signature on the rear.

Reverse American Vintage Pickups

The three American vintage 65 “gray-bobbin” pickups are flipped around, subtly changing string-to-string volume balance and offering authentic 60s-style tone. The reverse-angled bridge pickup provides warmer tones on treble strings and enhanced clarity on bass strings. This pickup combination results in a unique inspiring tone with tight, warm sound and enhanced upper harmonics and definition.

Engraved neck plate

The engraved neck plate with shoulders-up silhouette of Jimi Hendrix himself and the inscription “Authentic Hendrix”, underlines the authentic look and leaves no doubt about the inspiration behind this guitar.


  • Reverse headstock with signature on rear
  • Special neck plate with silhouette and engraved “Authentic Hendrix” inscription
  • American Vintage ’65 pickups with reverse-slant single-coil bridge pickup
  • Reverse-mounted pickups creates reverse pole piece stagger for subtly changed string-to-sting volume balance
  • 9.5”-radius “C”-shaped maple neck with medium jumbo frets
  • Available colors: Olympic White, Black
  • Includes a deluxe gig bag

Price: $899.99

For more information about the Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster please visit Fender’s website at www.fender.com

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