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L0/rez Mona Lisa Overdrive

L0/rez Mona Lisa Overdrive

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Rising Brooklyn-based pedal effects company, L0/rez, has finished its first dirty masterpiece – Ladies and gentlemen: The L0/rez Mona Lisa Overdrive™ & Oscillation Pedal.

L0/rez Founder and Engineer, Jared Hiller, sat upon a Brooklyn stoop one evening and wondered: Why, in a world of classic pairings – bacon and eggs, whiskey and coke, Milli and Vanilli – isn’t there a sizzly, harmonic overdrive paired with a spaced-out rotary effect contained within a single, glorious pedal? And so, from that day forth, he dutifully set out to fulfill the task laid out before him. Some call it destiny, but we call it: The Mona Lisa Overdrive™. It’s dirty and it whirls. It’s like stepping onto a merry-go-round with a diesel engine. On peyote. Dirty peyote. It’s a very effective tool. Some would call it psychedelic.

Playing guitar for one the Godfathers of Psychedelic Rock, l am always looking for new effect pedals that push forward, while maintaining a classic quality. Needless to say, I Love my Mona Lisa Overdrive. – Eli Southard (Roky Erickson / The 13th Floor Elevators)

Key features

  • True Bypass
  • Handmade
  • Unique and powerful distortion/overdrive
  • Oscillating tremolo effect with adjustable rate
  • Can be utilized as an oscillating sound-generating noise toy

All L0/rez pedals are lovingly assembled by Jared Hiller in his sonic Laboratory in The Silent Born in Bushwick Brooklyn, NY.

Street price: $200

Watch this video to hear how it sounds:

Witness and behold the splenders & charms of our Mona Lisa Overdrive™:

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