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L0/rez Cement Lunch

L0/rez Cement Lunch

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Introducing the L0/rez Cement Lunch™, the second offering from the delectable effects menu of rising Brooklyn-based pedal maker- L0/rez™.

If you’re craving something unique, warm and crunchy, assembled entirely by hand, using only the finest ingredients, but at a ‘Lunch Special’ price you can afford, then take a seat and let the Cement Lunch™ satisfy your appetite for fuzzy, sonic perfection.

Lunch is served

Tube-like textures and lo-fi overdrive packed neatly into a 2.5″ x 4.75″ hand-screened, artist-designed casing, the Cement Lunch™ is a boost / overdrive with a unique set of active dynamic and tone controls to give you the ability to precisely dial in the sound you need. Use as a pre to bring higher gain to your pedal chain or recording device or engage when in need of a warm crunch for solos. With 3 unique, variable tone-knobs, an overall gain knob and a boost switch for situations that require extra power, the Cement Lunch™ combines the best of classic boost / overdrive pedals with modernized tone control features, making it the ideal boost / overdrive for players with a classic sensibility, but want to achieve their own forward-thinking tones. With a wide range of sonic versatility from subtle overdrive to foundation-shaking crunch, the Cement Lunch™ may be the only pedal you always keep on.

Key Features

  • True Bypass
  • Handmade in Brooklyn, NY USA
  • Overall Gain Knob
  • 3 Unique, Variable Tone-Knobs
  • Boost Switch
  • Switchable Blue & Yellow LED
  • 5″ x 4.45″ hand-screened case
  • Standard 9v Power

All L0/rez pedals are lovingly assembled by Jared Hiller in his sonic laboratory in The Silent Barn in Bushwick Brooklyn, NY.

Street price: $135

Watch this video to hear how it sounds:

Behold the tastes & textures of the Cement Lunch ™:

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