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EarthQuaker Devices To Release the Disaster Transport Legacy Reissue

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THE DARK CORRIDORS OF AKRON, OHIO, MAY 2023 – EarthQuaker Devices are pleased to present a limited reissue of the classic Disaster Transport. The Disaster Transport, the fourth EarthQuaker Device ever made and one of our most beloved pedals, will be reissued on June 1.

The Disaster Transport Legacy Reissue is an analog voiced digital delay. This limited reissue is a recreation of the original Disaster Transport pedal in its earliest form, with a host of upgrades. The delay line has been redesigned to reduce the noise floor and improve the quality of the delay. The output has been boosted with a cleaner mixing section; it’s now filtered to sound more like an analog delay than any of the previous versions. This delay pedal sits perfectly in the background with more of an evolved ambiance to it, but it can be dialed in for a more dramatic effect.

A Mod Mode switch has been added that allows choosing between bending (Bend) and stretching (Stretch) the modulation wave. The Bend setting offers a subtler vibe closer to a traditional chorus sound, while the new Stretch option gives you loads of pitch-stretching modulation to run wild with.

he Disaster Transport Legacy Reissue also features a new Mod Speed three-position toggle switch that offers Slow (S), Fast (F), and Medium (M) settings. The Slow setting is excruciatingly slow and can produce bizarrely animated gradual climbs and steep drop offs. The Fast setting can go from a rapid chorus to an intense vibrato, while the Medium setting is the most traditional rate similar to the classic Memory Man circuit with a nice range to it.

The newly designed enclosure features knobs to control the Speed, Intensity, Mix, Repeats, and Time, with Modulate and Activate switches, making this a highly customizable pedal. Thanks to the ramp modulation circuitry, the delay time can be turned down to use feedback and modulation at a higher setting to harness a bizarre modulator and achieve subtle to wild chorus-type effects. The delay time is adjustable, and the modulation rate can set the tempo, so riffs can be strummed or plucked to the climbs and drop offs. The possibilities are endless.

Each Disaster Transport Legacy Reissue is grown organically in the farmlands of Akron, Ohio, USA, using only the finest soil and fertilizer until they are perfectly ripe for picking.

Tech specs

  • Analog-voiced digital delay pedal
  • Highly customizable delay with controls for Speed, Intensity, Mix, Repeats, and Time
  • Mod Mode switch allows for bending or stretching of the modulation wave
  • Mod Speed switch controls the speed of modulation
  • True bypass
  • Silent relay-based switching with Flexi-Switch® Technology
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Current Draw: 35 mA
  • Input impedance: 1 MΩ
  • Output Impedance: 1 kΩ
  • List Price: $219 USD

About Earthquaker Devices

Akron, Ohio-based, hand-crafted effects pedal manufacturer EarthQuaker Devices, top-six in the U.S. and one of the top-10 in the world, creates products that are available in approximately 1,000 retail locations in 40 countries. Key retailers include Guitar Center, Sam Ash, Sweetwater and Thomann.

The company’s current workforce reaches over 40 individuals, and has been praised for its commitment to inclusion, diversity and cooperation with other pedal manufacturers by Best Guitar Effects.


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