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Browne Amplification Introduces The Gritador Classic Overdrive Pedal

Browne Amplification Introduces The Gritador Classic Overdrive Pedal

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Kansas CityBrowne Amplification is excited to release the Gritador Classic Overdrive Pedal.

The Gritador Classic Overdrive Pedal

We won’t beat around the bush on this because we both know what classic circuit inspired this pedal. From Stevie Ray Vaughn to John Mayer, the Tube Screamer has been part of more recordings than any other overdrive pedal.

This version, however, is the version that our resident genius in chief has tweaked to perfection. He dialed in the midrange to be more nuanced. You still get that classic midrange bump but without some of the inherent nasaliness that can sometimes plague this circuit. He altered the clipping to be slightly less symmetrical. He also tweaked the low end to give it more fullness while still maintaining a tight and punchy low end. Why the Gritador name you ask? Because it means “screamer” in Portuguese.

This is Dave’s favorite version of his favorite overdrive. Just plug it in and let go. I promise you – this thing SCREAMS.

The dimensions of the Gritador are 4.8” x 2.64” x 1.6” (2.25” with knobs) and is powered by a 9V power supply with draw of 20mA. It has soft switching with an adjustable startup state and a beautiful glossy Bullfrog Belly Green, keeping the Gritador in the militaristic aesthetic loved by fans of Browne Amplification.

MSRP: US$219

To learn more about The Gritador Overdrive Pedal or to purchase, visit www.browneamps.com

The Gritador Classic Overdrive by Browne Amplification

Video by Browne Amplification

About Browne Amplification

Browne Amplification exists to make high quality, durable, and dependable guitar products for the working musician. From custom guitars, amps and pedals, to guitar and amplifier modifications and repairs, Browne Amplification is a leader in tonal enhancement for those who depend on their gear week in and week out. Visit www.browneamps.com for more information.

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