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Death By Audio announces DISTURBANCE filter, flanger and fazer pedal

Death By Audio announces DISTURBANCE filter, flanger and fazer pedal

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DEATH BY AUDIO Causes a DISTURBANCE with Extreme Filter, Flanger, and Fazer Pedal Out Today

QUEENS, NY – Death By Audio Effects announced today the latest addition to its permanent lineup—the DISTURBANCE.

Available now at dealers and deathbyaudio.com, DISTURBANCE is an extreme filter, flanger, and fazer pedal equipped to bend, break, twist, and destroy your sound with surgically psychedelic precision.

Beneath DISTURBANCE’s luminous mirrored exterior lie deep filter sweeps, piercing resonance, classic whooshing flangers, watery multi-tap delay matrices, and psychedelic 8-stage phaser freakouts swirling in orbit around a lockable LFO.

Pressing the TRIP switch allows players to stop the LFO in its tracks, pausing space and time to produce pulsing drones and multiverse-shattering phase shifts at will.

The DISTURBANCE’s modulation core can be patched into other CV-enabled devices via the CV OUT for total pedalboard assimilation.

It filters, it flanges, it fazes, and it’s available right now at Death By Audio dealers and deathbyaudio.com. Cause a DISTURBANCE — and step on it.

Death By Audio Disturbance Demo

Video by Death By Audio


  • Filter/Flanger/Fazer: This switch selects the modulation type.
  • Tensity: This bidirectional  knob sets the intensity of the effect, with different “-” and “+” modes for each modulation type.
  • Center Point: This knob sets the center point and bias for the modulation LFO.
  • Width: This knob sets the width of the modulation LFO. Combined with CENTER POINT, this knob will set the manual tuning of the effect when the LFO is stopped.
  • Speed: This knob sets the speed of the modulation LFO.

About Death By Audio

Death By Audio (“DBA”) is a Queens, New York city-based effects pedal company, founded in 2001 by Oliver Ackermann. DBA quickly established itself as the premier source of otherwise impossible-to-find sounds, becoming the go-to brand for musicians looking to explore the boundaries of their art. Since then, DBA has continued to push the envelope of audio exploration.

You can find DBA pedals at just about every DIY show, recording studio, and touring musicians’ pedalboard including Nine Inch Nails, Osees, My Bloody Valentine, Ty Segall, Radiohead, St. Vincent, Jack White, The Flaming Lips, IDLES, and Slipknot.

Every pedal is hand-made by active musicians who understand the need for quality and durability. Premier craftsmanship, customized components, and innovative signal processing put DBA in a class of its own.

Combining cutting-edge technologies with punk ethos, Death By Audio allows you to create sounds you didn’t know could exist.

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