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Misfits Guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein Launches Von Frankenstein Monster Gear

Misfits Guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein Launches Von Frankenstein Monster Gear

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Misfits Guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein Launches Von Frankenstein Monster Gear™ with Premium Handcrafted Electric Guitar Strings

HILLSBORO, IL — Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein declares ‘It’s alive!’ with the creation of Von Frankenstein Monster Gear™, a new company to provide high quality products to the consumer. A collaboration with long time industry insider Josh Vittek and his company, Sheptone®, the brand is launching with a new line of electric guitar strings that are guaranteed not to break and guaranteed to be fresh out of the pack. Von Frankenstein Nickel Plated Electric Guitar Strings are vacuum sealed individually in anti-corrosion bags with gauges clearly labeled for easy identification, an especially helpful feature for working guitarists. Like all things Doyle and all things Sheptone, they are held to the highest standards, handcrafted one at a time, to help ensure players achieve the tone of their dreams and built to withstand the most brutal of beatings on stage.

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein emerged from the fiery pits of New Jersey, the birthplace of the Misfits and a blood-soaked form of music called horror punk. In recent years, Doyle has made his own distinct mark on the genre with the inception of his self-monikered band. Doyle’s debut album, Abominator, was released by his own label, Monsterman Records in 2013 and followed by Doyle II: As We Die in 2017. Both feature the unmistakable sound of his signature Annihilator guitar, a custom build that cuts through on every killer track.

As Vittek puts it “Doyle is the most formidable artist imaginable to collaborate with and launch a new line with right now. He still consistently tours and headlines major music festivals 40 years into his monstrous career. He is global. His influence on other guitarists is immeasurable. He knows exactly what he wants. And most important, the guy is just a great human being all the way around!”

“These strings are far superior to anything I’ve used before. We went through many different alloys and configurations to find the perfect combination of crushing tone, strength, durability, and most of all…feel. The feel so much better. For the first time ever, my hands did not cramp after a show,” said Von Frankenstein, who tested the strings during the Misfits’ headlining performance at the 2021 Aftershock Festival in Sacramento and his solo tour this past March and April.

The relationship between Von Frankenstein and Vittek spans decades. Vittek has been in the musical instrument industry for 30 years. Starting on the assembly line building amplifiers and since holding titles as Purchasing Agent, International Distributor, Artist Relations Manager, Marketing Director, and General Manager for some of the industry’s biggest brands. Ultimately, he started his own public relations firm in 2008, VittekPR where he has since represented a number of guitar brands around the world launching thousands of products and managing artist rosters. When former client, Jeff Shepherd of Sheptone was ready to retire, Vittek acquired the company and took over the task of making pickups himself. Sheptone since expanded to hand crafted strings back in October of 2020.

Von Frankenstein Nickel Plated Electric Guitar Strings are made on a U.S. workbench using the best-available, domestically sourced raw materials. Each string is made by hand, one at a time, with nickel-plated steel that’s carefully wrapped around a treated hex steel core. Through this meticulous process, Von Frankenstein avoids rushing and mass production, ensuring the quality, feel, and durability required by the most discerning of tone freaks.

In addition to the traditional gauge sets, the Von Frankenstein line will include three sets of actual signature sets that Doyle uses personally. His Abominator™ set is made up of gauges .010/.013/.017/.028/.038/.060 and used almost exclusively with his band, Doyle.  The Decapitaters™ (.010/.013/.018/.030/.042.065) and the Monsters™ (.010/.013/.017/.028/.038/.052) are used for performances with the Misfits.

Each set includes a different free vinyl sticker, encouraging fans of Doyle and Misfits to collect them all. MSRP $13.99.

For a closer look and to learn more about Von Frankenstein Monster Gear, visit www.vonfrankensteinmonstergear.com

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