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Perri’s Leathers guitar straps

Perri’s expands its range of guitar straps

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Perri’s expands its range of guitar straps with new additions to its popular lines of soft leather, polyester and Official License Series straps, along with new ‘Motion’ Pick Packs.

Canadian Company Perri’s Leathers Ltd., are renowned around the world for their enormous range of musical instrument straps, constructed from the softest leathers and strong polyester materials with a choice of solid colours, or with outlandish funky designs and logos.

13 new additions are added to the popular Official Licensed Series of leather straps. Perri’s have used the latest DTL technology allowing graphics to print directly on to all leathers, whilst remaining supple without peeling or cracking, in clear, colourful high resolution designs from world famous bands and artists including Pink Floyd, Guns and Roses, AC/DC and David Bowie, all feature a generous 2.5in width for extreme comfort and are fully adjustable between 52 to 59 inches, longer than your average strap! (£34.99 rrp).

The artwork of renowned USA artist David Bollt has been exhibited in museums, displayed in galleries, found on clothing, jewellery, sports cars, custom motorcycles, on album covers and electric guitars.

Born in New York, his exquisite artwork is now featured within the new Perri’s David Bollt Series of leather straps also featuring DTL technology, a 2.5in width and fully adjustable between 39 to 58 inches . (£34.99 rrp).

David Bollt’s designs are also available with heat transferred, high resolution graphics on 2in wide polyester webbing featuring durable leather end-pieces. (£24.99 rrp).

Perri’s aptly named the Famous Guitar Straps Series, now includes designs that have indeed, been seen on straps used by some of the world’s most iconic guitar players, which now includes white leather lightning bolt or musical note motifs stitched and offset within soft black leather with a comfortable 2.5 inch width and fully adjustable between 41 to 56 inches. (£26.99 rrp).

Crafted from South American hide, the beautiful Baseball Leather guitar strap (£34.99 rrp), like a basketball itself, after heavy use, will naturally wear to an individual, customised worn look within its gorgeous light brown finish, whilst fans of suede will adore the silky smoothness of this new stunning Soft Suede strap in a striking navy or light brown finish, also 2.5” wide and 41” to 56” long (£34.99 rrp).

There are six new models with Perri’s woven polyester Retro Hootenanny themed straps (£8.99 rrp each) for acoustic, bass and electric guitars, all with multi-coloured, intricate stylish designs that will accent any guitar, again, featuring durable leather end-pieces and fully adjustable between 35 to 59.5 inches.

Perri’s licensed plectrum sets have always been popular with musicians and collectors of fan-based memorabilia. Now the thrill continues, with 7 new 6 pack ‘Motion’ Guitar Pick sets (£8.99 rrp each) of high quality plectrums, with each one featuring multiple images that appear as you move the plectrum itself. Bands and artists featured include, Rush, David Bowie, Guns and Roses 1, Guns and Roses 2, AC/DC, Pink Floyd 1 and Pink Floyd 2.

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