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Tsakalis AudioWorks MultiCab MK3 cabinet simulation & preamp

Tsakalis AudioWorks MultiCab MK3 cabinet simulation & preamp

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Tsakalis AudioWorks introduces the MultiCab MK3 cabinet simulation & preamp

 Athens, Greece (September 18, 2020). We are extremely excited to announce the new MultiCab MK3 cabinet simulator & preamp! A versatile analog/digital stompbox boasts 8 virtual cabinets, heavily inspired on some legendary and iconic guitar amps and cabinets, and natural room ambience (the digital part) combined with an analog path responsible for jfet pre-amp type, power-amp voicing, cabinet back type and microphone voicing controls. It can go direct to a PA, be used as a DI between an amp and cab or paired with a dummy load for silent play-along practice with headphones.

See the MultiCab MK3 teaser video here:

Product link: https://tsakalisaudioworks.com/product/multicab-mk3/

Suggested Retail Price: 307 USD

Tsakalis AudioWorks MultiCab MK3 cabinet simulation & preamp

Handmade in Greece using the best quality components and technical know-how. Each product is tested individually and comes with a limited life-time warranty.

About Tsakalis AudioWorks

Our daily endeavor is to bring the sound that lives in our head to life. For us, building pedals means to inspire musicians who inspire us. We believe in the process of hand building and we plan to keep it that way. We be-lieve in simple and easy to use pedals which provide the player with many different options without getting in his/her way. Join us in our journey to transfer the sound of your dreams from your heart to your speaker. We believe in quality components. We believe in research. We believe in interaction. We believe in music.

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