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Dusky Electronics Augustus

Dusky Electronics Announces Augustus

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A modern take on the classic octave fuzz produces clean ring mod-like clang, synth-like timbres, and soaring fuzz tones

Durham, NC – September 29, 2020 – Dusky Electronics is proud to announce the newest addition to its award-winning pedal lineup, Augustus. Soaring leads, synth-like timbres, echoes of ring mod, giant robot power chords, percussive stabs — all of these and more are available with deft manipulation of the HEAT knob and playing technique.

Augustus continues Dusky Electronics’ tradition of designing gear that pays respect to the past, while offering something new.

“I designed Augustus without reference to any particular existing design,” says Chris Rossi, owner of Dusky Electronics and designer of Augustus. “Over the better part of a year and countless revisions, I was guided by my own ears to design a circuit that was, above all else, musical and inspiring to play.”

Augustus features:

  • A versatile set of controls, enabling a wide range of tones
  • An adjustable low end that can be tailored for any instrument
  • Specially designed input buffer allowing for flexible placement in signal chain
  • MOSFET input and output amplifiers for a responsive, dynamic feel
  • Battery power option


The Augustus retails for $200 and can be purchased online at duskyamp.com or locally at select dealers.

Dusky Electronics Augustus

About Dusky Electronics

Dusky Electronics produces high-quality vacuum tube instrument amplifiers and pedal effects. Dusky Electronics launched in 2014 with its flagship product, the D₂O amplifier, which quickly received wide praise for its uniquely versatile and musical sound—a trait it shares with an expanding lineup of sound-shaping tools. All Dusky Electronics amplifiers and pedals are designed and hand built by Chris Rossi in Durham, North Carolina. Rossi brings more than two decades of experience as a musician and recording engineer to bear on each of his creations. To learn more, visit duskyamp.com.

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