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Tsunami V-15 Preamp

The new Tsunami V-15 Preamp is here!

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April 23 2021, Tsunami Cables has stepped up and into the world of recording studio Preamps.  This all-tube Class A pre, designed by legendary tube amp builder, Bruce Egnater, features two blend-able channels, inspired by the iconic B15 amp for pure tube goodness!

Tsunami V-15 Preamp

Channel 1 (top channel) is inspired by the early 60s design and utilizes a 6SL7 tube. Channel 2 (bottom channel) takes a nod from the early 70s with a 12AX7 tube. Each channel has independent treble and bass controls, as well as high boost and high cut switches. The front has an instrument level thru output as well as a stereo headphone practice amp. The back of the preamp features an XLR Balanced Output (-20dB pad and ground lift switches), and 1/4″ line level output. An additional feature is a true bypass mode option, where the thru output (front) is not effected by the preamp (the XLR / Line level outputs are always effected). Bypass can be achieved by either the rear bypass switch, or an optional momentary foot-switch.

The Tsunami V-15 Preamp measures 6″w x 4.5″h (w/handle) x 13″l with a weight of 6.5lb.

Preorders open on Monday, April 26 2021 with an initial run of 30 units. Please note: many have already been sold to current Tsunami artists, recording studios and reserved for promo/marketing.

As this first production run is taking place during a pandemic (with continued delays on all levels of manufacturing), we are anticipating a ship day of July, 2021. We will keep everyone informed as we move through the manufacturing process. Once the first run sells out, the second run will become available for purchase.

For more information on Tsunami Cables or the Tsunami V-15 please visit us at www.tsunamicables.com or @tsunamicables on Facebook / Instagram.
Tsunami V-15 Preamp
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