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Da Capo amplifier with Integral Close cab miking system

Da Capo GT Deluxe Series guitar combo with Samsystems Integral close cab miking unit

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Da Capo amplifiers have been appointed official OEM for the UK’s Samsystems Integral Close cab miking system in Belgium.

From March 1st 2021, Belgium’s Da Capo amplifier brand, will install Samsystems Integral close cab miking units to their GT Deluxe Series of guitar combos.

Based in the Flemish region of Belgium, Da Capo manufacture totally hand-built, valve-driven guitar combination amplifiers of the highest quality.

With switchable 20watt Studio and 40watt Stage outputs, the Da Capo GT Deluxe Series 1×12 class a/b amplifier, features circuitry designed in-house by respected engineer Guy Tiels, delivering sweet, hot-valve musical cleans, with an abundance of harmonic induced sustain when pushed to its natural overdriven voice.

“The Da Capo GT Deluxe Series, brings a fresh new approach to tube amp design,” says Da Capo owner and founder Nicolas Acou. “There’s a noticeable increase in clarity and separation within chords and lead lines, what you hear from the speaker is an open and direct, unimpaired translation of the guitar, with exceptional focus and definition.

The benefits of the Integral close cab miking system speak for themselves, as it’s also designed to capture the natural analogue speaker sound without colourisation, it’s the perfect solution for miking Da Capo amplifiers on stage or in the studio.

We also worked with renowned contemporary designer Joeri Claeys, whose emphasis is on form and vision, for a striking cabinet design, featuring well-balanced, fluid curves, creating a minimalist contemporary guitar combo that suits every interior.”

Offered in 10in and 12in models, Integral has gained recognition around the world as a compact, problem-solving, alternative method of close cab miking. Installed inside a speaker cabinet and held in place by the speaker itself, Integral eradicates overspill problems, offers a clutter free stage void of mic stands, whilst delivering the true ‘analogue’ speaker sound characteristics, onward to recording desks or FOH PA via an on-board super cardioid mic.

Samsystems UK’s Technical Director Richard Smith comments, “We openly welcome Da Capo to our growing list of OEMs and are delighted, that the new GT Deluxe Series, will feature our Integral close cab miking units. We couldn’t be happier with the level of professionalism Da Capo offer, and the quality of these beautifully designed guitar combos. We look forward to working together in setting a new standard in guitar amplification.”

Da Capo amplifier with Integral Close cab miking system

Website: www.da-capo.be

Integral Website https://integral.uk.com/

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