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DSM Humboldt Unveils Simplifier X

DSM Humboldt Unveils Simplifier X

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The most advanced analog amp simulator ever made.

Santiago, Chile – March 29, 2024 – (GUITARpr) –DSM Humboldt has introduced their new Simplifier X Zero Watt Reverb Stereo/Dual Amplifier. It has been designed and developed to fulfill the needs of guitarists seeking versatility, flexibility, practicality and of course, the ability to get the best tones ever produced by analog gear.

Among the standout features of the Simplifier X are:

  • No Menu Diving
  • Zero Latency
  • Ultra Realistic Sound and Feel
  • What You See is What You Get

Simplifier X includes three different modes:


Full Parallel mode is like having two different amplifiers running at the same time. You can have different settings and effects for each side and make the perfect setup for a full stereo rig.

2: A/B AMP + Stereo CAB

In this mode, you can toggle between A and B Amplifiers, while the Cabinets and FX loop will remain Left and Right. This allows you to use different FX and cabinets for each side, expanding the stereo options while complimenting the responses of the cabs for a fuller, 3D sound.


This mode is dual mono, like having two different complete amplifiers, selecting each one with an A/B switch. Each amp will have their own preamp, power, cabinet, reverb mix and Loop FX. You can have different FX on each loop and select them by changing the channel.

You can even use different effects at the input of each amp.

DSM Humboldt Simplifier X

Simplifier X provides an unprecedented Ultra Connectivity Platform featuring:

  • True stereo (two independent inputs)
  • 3 different useful modes
  • No extra Y cables needed
  • Dual FX Sends/Returns
  • THRU jack for dedicated DRY AMP signal path
  • ¼” Outputs with Cabsim bypass
  • Two XLR DI outputs
  • Selectable AUX input for silent practice thru headphones only or send your auxiliary signal straight to PA using the XLR outputs

With its Multi-Stage Stereo Reverb, Simplifier X includes a full stereo reverb with mix control for each channel independently. The three reverb modes are:

  • Short (Room Style)
  • Mid (Plate Style)
  • Long (Ether Style)

Simplifier X comes in a heavy duty, custom made anodized aluminum case with a sandblasted, frosted black finish. With a MAP price of $499.00 USD, Simplifier X is available at a release price of $469.00 USD.

Watch Introduction Video.

Watch In In Depth Video.

More information is available at https://simplifieramp.com.

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