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TC Electronic to Change the Game of Mastering with New Finalizer App

TC Electronic Finalizer Mastering App

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TC Electronic to Change the Game of Mastering with New Finalizer App

(20 August 2019, Risskov, Denmark) Rooted in a long tradition of digital signal processing, as well as audio measuring and metering, TC Electronic now opens a new chapter in bringing professional mastering tools closer to the creators of music everywhere.

The central component in the 2019-incarnation of the dual-sided Finalizer concept is a desktop mastering app that compiles a wide range of the best multiband compression, limiter and EQ algorithms that TC Electronic has ever developed.

TC Electronic Finalizer Mastering App

They are ported 1:1 from the highly regarded System 6000 platform and bundled in a brand-new package along with a wealth of new features such as presets based on complex analytical findings and not least an entirely new way of presenting the audio visually, showing how individual mastering decisions affect the song – from start to end – in real time as the processing is being applied.

Quite simply, the distance between final mixes and final masters that sound like the hits has never been shorter.

Free Online Analyzing with Finalizer

The second half of the reincarnated Finalizer mastering concept is a free online analysis service that introduces a brand-new way of visualizing music with regard to Loudness, Dynamics and Frequency Spectrum.

Users can upload their own tracks and compare them directly to hundreds of songs that TC Electronic has already pre-analyzed and added to the continuously growing online library, spanning different musical genres and periods of time.

A key concept is that every song that has appeared on Billboard’s Top 20 within a quarter are pooled together as a bulk of songs that are representative for how hits sound today – and the company will continue to maintain this ‘sound of today’ by updating this library on a quarterly basis.

Free Online Analyzing with Finalizer

Uploading original tracks, as well as browsing the pre-analyzed songs, gaining an understanding of how music was/is mixed and mastered, is a free service. And ultimately, by comparing their own songs, users will be able to get a clear indication if they will match the sound of today – or yesterday if that is the goal. In case, there is a significant mismatch, the analysis result offers hints of what might be the best things to adjust for the next revision.

The free mastering analysis tools are now available at finalizer.com, and the Finalizer software app is also available now through online resellers, as well as on finalizer.com.

In short, the next-generation Finalizer universe gives the users the full picture of their music and helps them get it to their audiences faster – sounding better than ever.


Early bird introductory price: $99 (until September 20th)
Regular price: $199

More Information:

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About TC Electronic

TC Electronic is a leader in both analog and digital technologies with products ranging from world class guitar stompboxes and studio effect units to pro mastering rigs – and all points in between. With over 40 years of innovation that continues to shape the sound of modern music, TC Electronic takes music to the next level – both at practice, live and in the studio.

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