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Sacred Cow Overdrive by Mojo Hand Fx

Sacred Cow Overdrive by Mojo Hand Fx

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Introducing the Mojo Hand Fx Sacred Cow Overdrive!

The Sacred Cow Overdrive has all of the drive and character that you would expect, ranging from slightly boosted clean to a nice gain, with some bite, that sits perfectly in a mix. We sought to create an accessible, pedalboard friendly version of this circuit, with some added flexibility, while remaining very faithful to the overall tone.


  • Volume – The Volume knob controls the output level. It’s perfectly capable of pushing your amp into overdrive, or boosting just above unity gain for that little extra hint of “sauce”.
  • Tone – The Sacred Cow has a full range tone control that covers everything from darker subdued tones to brighter, chimey overdrive.
  • Gain – The gain control features a dual-gang pot that essentially blends clean boost and overdrive. It has a very nice sweep that’s useable across the entire range of the control.
  • Fatty/Lean Toggle – The “Lean” side of the toggle is basically the standard EQ setting that you would expect from a pedal of this heritage. The “Fatty” side gives you just a touch of extra girth, which comes in very handy when used with lower output, or thinner sounding, guitar pickups.

Retail Price: $175 US

For more information about the Sacred Cow Overdrive please visit Mojo Hand Fx’s website at www.mojohandfx.com

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