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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and EarthQuaker Limited Edition Guitar Pedals

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and EarthQuaker Limited Edition Guitar Pedals

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The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and EarthQuaker Devices have teamed up again in collaboration of a second set of limited-edition guitar pedals

The special edition pedals highlight the artwork of legendary Cleveland artist Derek Hess

CLEVELAND (July 27, 2023) – The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and EarthQuaker Devices have teamed up again in collaboration of a second set of limited-edition guitar pedals. The pedals feature new and exclusive artwork from the legendary Cleveland artist, Derek Hess and come in a variety of colorways.

Sharing the common mission of using music as a mode of inspiration, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and EarthQuaker Devices are offering musicians a new series of pedals that have a unique sound and superb technology. With a mission to inspire a lifetime of musical adventures for all sonic explorers, every pedal is hand-built, hand-tested, and guaranteed for life.

The first pedal released, Special Cranker, will be available Saturday, July 29th at noon EST. With a limited number available, it is a unique superpowered overdrive pedal tailor-made for massive output and tube saturation. The 2-position diode selector switch takes you from silicon (brighter, modern response) to germanium (softer, rounder tone) in an instant with amp-pummeling distortion from the large output level and flexible tone control.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and EarthQuaker Limited Edition Guitar Pedals

The second pedal in the collaboration will be released Saturday August 12th with an even more limited number available. There will be more limited releases from the collaboration during August and September.

“It was nice working with the Rock Hall on this project, it’s always fun to work with them,” said Derek Hess. “Also, it is a pleasure to work with a company like EarthQuaker Devices. They make a quality product, and it is an honor to have my work on their pedals.”

Derek Hess at The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Derek Hess at The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

“EarthQuaker is proud to release another extra special limited edition pedal featuring artwork from iconic Cleveland artist Derek Hess,” said EarthQuaker Devices CEO Julie Robbins. “We are deeply grateful to the Rock Hall for the opportunity to collaborate and have a presence at the museum.”

Fans can expect to see additional releases from this series of Rock Hall X EarthQuaker Devices later this year. The RHxEQD pedals will also be available to Museum visitors in the Garage, allowing them to explore their personal sound in the Rock Hall before taking one home.

“We’re thrilled to partner with EarthQuaker Devices again and highlight the work of legendary Cleveland fine artist Derek Hess,” said Rock Hall President and CEO Greg Harris. “We are excited to give fans the chance to shred on a second set of limited-edition pedals.”

The pedals are available for purchase in the Rock Hall store and online: https://shop.rockhall.com/collections/rock-hall-x-earthquaker-devices

About The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Born from the collision of rhythm & blues, country, and gospel, rock & roll is a spirit that is inclusive and ever-changing. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame celebrates the sound of youth culture and honors the artists whose music connects us all. We share stories of the people, events, and songs that shape our world through digital content, innovative exhibits, live music, engaging programs, and our annual Induction Ceremony. We intentionally foster a diverse, equitable, educational nonprofit Museum that encourages and embraces creativity and innovation. As a community leader, we value, empower, and respect all people. Join the millions who love rock & roll as much as you do. Visit us in Cleveland, Ohio or at rockhall.com and follow us on Facebook (@rockandrollhalloffame), Instagram (@rockhall), Twitter (@rockhall), TikTok (@RockHallFame), and YouTube (youtube.com/rockhall).

About Earthquaker Devices

Akron, Ohio-based, hand-crafted effects pedal manufacturer EarthQuaker Devices, top-six in the U.S. and one of the top-10 in the world, creates products that are available in approximately 1,000 retail locations in 40 countries. Key retailers include Guitar Center, Sam Ash, Sweetwater and Thomann.

The company’s current workforce reaches over 40 individuals, and has been praised for its commitment to inclusion, diversity and cooperation with other pedal manufacturers by Best Guitar Effects.


About Derek Hess

Derek Hess has made a name for himself in the world of fine arts, album covers, apparel design, tattoos, and music festivals. His work explores dark and intense themes and has been collected everywhere from the Louvre to tattoo parlors. Hess designed the first poster for the grand opening of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1995 and worked with the Museum on his exhibit Bang Your Head – 3 Decades of Heavy Metal in 1996.

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