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SmallStage and AP International Music Supply Launch The CableCup Pick Tray & Cable Rest

CableCup Amp-Top Pick & Cable Holder

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SmallStage and AP International Music Supply Launch The CableCup Pick Tray & Cable Rest

FORT MYERS, FL – Introducing the new CableCup family of products for your playing essentials! Innovative music accessory developer SmallStage has again teamed with AP International Music Supply, maker of Floyd Rose Tremolos, Pure Tone Output Jacks, AxLabs Hardware, and much more, to release this new line of convenient amp top storage trays.

The CableCup is a combination of a pick tray and cable rest in a unique design that uses microsuction technology consisting of miniature air pockets to adhere securely to an amp or tabletop, allowing for simple removal without leaving any residue behind. Comprised of lightweight, flexible silicone, CableCup products are washable and reusable, ensuring a lifetime of usage.

CableCup Amp-Top Pick & Cable Holder
CableCup Amp-Top Pick & Cable Holder

Featuring a ½” deep cup area, the CableCup provides ample room for your picks, slide, capo, and other small playing accessories, ensuring that they stay organized and within easy reach. The notched cable rests guarantee hassle-free cable management, eliminating the need to fumble around for cable ends during practices, studio sessions, or performances. The CableCup Pick Shape also fits your favorite frosty beverage, complete with a “sweat” collector to prevent water rings from staining your amp!

The CableCup comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, including officially licensed Fender® Stratocaster® and Telecaster® headstock shapes, Stratocaster® and Telecaster® body shapes, and the classic pick shape. Pre-orders for CableCups can be placed now at SmallStage.co and APintl.com with the product’s arrival slated for early September.

Never go fumbling for your picks or cables again!

Cable Cup Amp-Top Pick Tray & Cable Rest – Overview Video

Video by AP Intl

About SmallStage

Founded by inventor Steve Skillings, SmallStage LLC specializes in the creation of innovative musical products. Skillings is known for his work creating and building BandLab, the social and recording platform with over 60M users, as well as his contributions through products like the JamHub rehearsal mixer, the Bose L1 speaker, and the Fender AmperStand (exclusively licensed by Fender from SmallStage). Together with AP International Music Supply, SmallStage launched the beloved HexHider magnetic allen wrench tool for Floyd Rose equipped guitars in 2020.

About AP International Music Supply

With over forty years of experience, AP International is a mainstay in the music industry, known for representing quality product lines including Floyd Rose, Pure Tone Jacks, KTS Titanium, Ray Ross Saddle-less Bridges, ProRockGear Cases, and many OEM products. Company president Andy Papiccio is well known as one of the founding owners of Kramer Guitars as well as being involved in OEM manufacturing for nearly every guitar company in the industry.

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