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Red Witch Seraphina Fuzz Pedal

Red Witch Seraphina Fuzz Pedal

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New Limited Release Red Witch Pedal

Following on from their first two limited run pedals: the Ophelia and the Concordia, New Zealand effects pedal company Red Witch have partnered with Reverb.com to bring you “Seraphina”, the brand new, hand made Fuzz Octave up pedal featuring 4 germanium diodes, through hole components and Wima Capacitors.

Built the old way. By Hand. In New Zealand.

A fuzz pedal unlike any that Red Witch has offered before

Seraphina has three external, top side mounted dials controlling Fuzz, Tone and Volume. Two footswitches allow the user to engage the pedal and the incendiary octave up. From a leviathanic wall of fuzz to a more classic vintage feel, the fuzz control allows users access to a multitude of fuzz experiences. From incredibly searing, laser beam tones, to the bass heavy “American Woman” sound, the tone control offers a broad range of ultra useful frequency modification.

Two internal trim pots allows users to dial the tone in even more. The first sets  the flavor of octave up. From a truly piercing, singing sound to a conglomerate blend of octave and fundamental fuzz tone, this special bias control is a totally unique feature. The Second trim, allows the user to set the overall fuzz girth. Seraphina is truebypass and finished in vintage cream powder coat. She runs exclusively from a DC 9v wallwart power supply.

Only available on Reverb. Limited first offering of only 100 pieces. Only available for a very limited time. Available from the Red Witch Reverb store from 10am, 1st May, C.S.T. USA.

Here:  https://reverb.com/shop/red-witch-analog-official

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