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RPS Effects Unveils the Arcade Machine

RPS Effects Unveils the Arcade Machine

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RPS Effects Arcade Machine

Pittsburgh, PA – April 22, 2020 – Brand new from RPS Effects comes the Arcade Machine, a PLL-based analog synth and harmonizer pedal. It re-synthesizes your instrument as a square wave, which in and of itself produces a rich, rounded synth tone. But that’s only the beginning… one and two octaves down, one and two octaves up, plus an interval of your choosing are all at your disposal, essentially resulting in a 6-voice synthesizer that you can control with your instrument.

As far as we know, this is the ONLY analog harmonizer out there that can give all of the intervals in a 12-tone scale. With an expression pedal input that takes over the interval selection, also accepting control voltage (CV), the true potential of having all those notes can be unlocked. A sequencer can be used to run through a series of notes that will automatically follow your playing, allowing you to program in anything from simple trills to arpeggios to full melodies.

Vibrato is also available, which acts on all of the voices. It has controls for Depth and Rate, spanning the range from subtle pitch variation to full-on glitched-out computer sounds.

PLL pedals can sometimes have a maze of tracking controls to navigate, but the Arcade Machine sets out to make things as user-friendly as possible with just a single knob determining the sensitivity.

If you’re ready to enter a world of fat bass, sawing mids, and laser beam trebles – welcome to the Machine.

See the official demo video here:

The Arcade Machine pedal offers the following features:

  • Die-cast aluminum case
  • Soft-click true bypass on/off switch
  • 9-volt operation and standard DC input

The Arcade Machine pedal carries a street price of $265. They’re available directly from the RPS Effects online store at www.rpseffects.com.

RPS Effects Arcade Machine

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