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Pure Tone PTT8 1/4" Mono Plug

Pure Tone Technologies Launches Hi-Fi Mono 1/4” Plug

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Pure Tone PTT8 1/4″ Mono Plug

FORT MYERS, FL – Pure Tone Technologies and AP International Music Supply, creators of the renowned Pure Tone multi-contact output jack, are pleased to announce their new PTT8 H-Fi male 1/4″ mono plug for making your own cables.

Whereas most other plugs on the market use inferior metals in their construction, the positive (tip) connection is constructed of a solid nickel-plated beryllium copper rod that makes contact directly with the wire itself and, when inserted, it reproduces the cleanest and clearest possible signal to your audio path. By inserting the hot wire of your favorite cable into the beryllium copper rod, an included set screw aids in securing the wire for easier soldering and making a more solid connection. With its straight and direct path from wire to tip, this new design gives you the most direct sound without traveling through additional inferior metals that alter the purity of its sound.

The PTT8 Hi-Fi 1/4″ mono plug is available now for purchase directly and through various online retailers.

Conceived by guitarist David Linsk of Overkill, the Pure Tone line features upgrades to classic designs with the highest quality materials and increased rigidity for better sound quality and durability.  His decades of touring experience led to the invention of the Pure Tone Multi-Contact Jack which has become one of the most popular aftermarket guitar electronics and an OEM staple since its 2017 release.

AP International Music Supply has over four decades of experience in the music industry, manufacturing and/or distributing Floyd Rose Tremolo Systems, Pure Tone Output Jacks, HexHider, DMI Guitar Labs, KTS Titanium, ProRockGear, and more while also supplying OEM products to a multitude of brands in the industry. They will soon be launching AxLabs Hardware, a comprehensive line of quality guitar components from standard replacements, exact vintage-spec reproductions, and new innovations with collaborations from many notable industry insiders.

Street price: $8.49


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