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New electric guitars and basses from Vintage ProShop®, Vintage REVO™, Vintage Joe Doe™, Rapier™ and Fret King™ make their European debut at Guitar Summit.

New electric guitars and basses from Vintage ProShop®, Vintage REVO™, Vintage Joe Doe™, Rapier™ and Fret King™ make their European debut at Guitar Summit.

Guitar Pro 8 - Black Friday sale

A large selection of guitars and basses from the UK are set to make their debut this month at Guitar Summit, Europe’s biggest dedicated guitar show, held at the Rosengarten Congress Centre in Mannheim, Germany between 22nd – 24th September 2023.

Fret King Paul Rose Signature

These include a large selection of premium quality Fret-king guitars and basses from the 2023 Series, featuring new pickups with custom wiring specifically designed for Fret-King by hardware specialist Trev Wilkinson, amongst others, are the Focusfield™ Alnico V mini double coil pickup, the Fifty-Five™ wax-potted Alnico V double coil, Fret-King Prizefighter™, Vintage Sixty™ single coils, Dallas Special™ hot single coil and Soapstack™ stacked soap bar.

Fret-king guitars and basses

Fret-King Guitars: https://fret-king.com

Vintage ProShop guitars

A selection of the very popular Vintage ProShop guitars, also air themselves at Guitar Summit this year. Expertly and authentically ‘worn’ in all the right places by hand, the only way the skilled team of Vintage luthiers know how, these superb models are totally individual, as one-offs featuring quality tonewoods and time-tested hardware.

Joe Doe Guitars

Whilst the word ‘unique’ is often misused when describing an instrument, it’s safe to say the new Joe Doe 2023 Limited Edition series of electric guitars and basses by Vintage®, designed by Ben Court with an Americana theme, are without doubt, seriously unique. Constructed from selected tonewoods and high quality hardware, the full range on show will include the Gas Jockey, Gambler and Hot Rod guitars and Lutetia Bass, all models have a fascinating non-fictional back story written by Court himself along with detailed case-candy.

Vintage REVO Series

In conjunction with the world renowned British guitar builder and designer, Alan Entwistle, Vintage have launched REVO Series (Retro Vintage Originals), a brand-new line of electric guitars and basses for 2023.

Superbly crafted from excellent tonewoods and available in a range of stunning finishes, the Revo Series features classic retro themes running throughout the range of intriguing solid, big-bodied, semi-acoustic, thin-line and offset body designs. All models feature a range of Entwistle designed low-noise, custom pickups for extreme tone and output, along with a host of onboard switching facilities.

Vintage Guitars: https://vintageguitarsrus.com

Rapier Saffire Series

Rapier Saffire   //   Rapier 22, 33, and 44 models

The new Rapier Series is based on the original solid bodied 6 string Rapier 22, 33, 44 and 12 string electric guitars and 4-string Saffire bass, that played a major role in the industry of British built guitars, and inspired a generation of UK bands during the British Beat Boom of the 1960’s.

Now redesigned by one of the UK’s world renowned guitar designer and hardware specialist Alan Entwistle and available in Fiesta Red, Olympic White, Daphne Blue and 3-tone Sunburst, significant upgrades included Entwistle low-noise mini-humbucking pickups, custom wiring and switching, ‘C’ profiled necks with adjustable truss rods, 43mm friction-free precision-cut GraphTech Nubone nuts and Wilkinson WJ55 E-Z Lok machine heads.

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