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Pro Tools integrates Melodyne via ARA

New workflows and possibilities: Pro Tools integrates Melodyne via ARA

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Celemony Software GmbH, Munich, 28.09.2022 (ictw) – Avid Pro Tools version 2022.9 and later supports the interface extension ARA Audio Random Access. This makes Melodyne workflows possible that are considerably shorter, faster, and in some cases even totally new – and does so for every Pro Tools user, as Melodyne 5 essential is bundled with all three editions of Pro Tools.

Thanks to the new ARA integration, Avid Pro Tools and Melodyne are so tightly meshed that Melodyne feels less like an external plug-in and more like an integral part of Pro Tools. That not only accelerates the work process but also opens the door to entirely new workflows and creative possibilities.

The interaction between the two programs is so far-reaching that not only do clips and tracks open as Melodyne blobs with a single mouse click and follow every change made to the arrangement, but selection, zooming, scrolling as well as cycling, controlling the playback, and all kinds of other functions are also intelligently coordinated. Furthermore, Melodyne’s legendary algorithms expand Pro Tools’ own possibilities in areas such as comping and time-stretching – and do so by bringing Grammy-Award-winning sound quality to the task.

“Thanks to the tremendous ARA integration and the fact that Melodyne 5 essential is now included in the bundle, the Melodyne world with all its unique musical functions is now truly open to all Pro Tools users. There’s a great deal there to discover,” says Celemony CEO Anselm Rößler.

“Adding ARA to an established DAW is a major task. The tight integration into such a wide range of workflows impacts nearly all aspects of the application,” said Stefan Gretscher, the ARA lead engineer at Celemony. “It was a pleasure to experience the level of focus and dedication that the Pro Tools team brought to the table, and they managed to create one of the best ARA implementations in the market.”

“Thanks to Celemony’s clever SDK, Melodyne integration within Pro Tools removes any hint of context switching and makes the workflow, not just streamlined, but natural,” states David Cotton, Lead Product Designer for Pro Tools at Avid. “The things Melodyne can do to audio, from subtle to outrageous, are absolutely mind-blowing. Celemony is a fantastic partner and we couldn’t be happier with the results of our close collaboration.”

For the ARA integration of Melodyne, Pro Tools Version 2022.9 is required. Melodyne 5.3, which is also necessary, is installed automatically with the software update 2022.9 for Pro Tools Artist, Studio, and Ultimate, and is available to all customers with active subscriptions and perpetual licenses with current Updates + Support plans.

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