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Pilgrim Morning Star banjo

Pilgrim launch Morning Star banjo range at NAMM 2016

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Pilgrim Morning Star banjo

Pilgrim designer, luthier and celebrated musician Paul Tebbutt is no stranger to what makes a truly great banjo.

With an extensive ‘reference library’ of vintage instruments Pauls latest quest for the Pilgrim brand has been to accurately reproduce the distinctive and elusive benchmark tone of the “Tubaphone” tone ring banjos of the 1920’s.

“Many companies have attempted to replicate this iconic tonality,” explains Paul “and whilst the instruments might have looked the part, the tone rings used just didn’t sound anything like the original banjos! Back in the early eighties we developed a ‘Tubaphone style’ tone ring with bell foundry in Leicester which were very highly regarded and came very close to the sound I was trying to achieve”.

Fast forward to 2015 and the brand new Pilgrim Morning Star range features four distinct models that combine classic looks, with fine tone woods and premium hardware. Most importantly, utilising new technologies this new range features a uniquely dimensioned bell brass tubular section “Morning Star Tone Ring” developed by Paul to accurately recreate that much sought after clarity, projection and tonal purity.

Available exclusively on Pilgrim Morning Star banjos this custom designed tone ring puts the Morning Star series firmly amidst the best banjos money can buy.

All four models share the same Morning Star Tone ring and solid maple/flame maple facing shell, in a truly stunning design that is destined to become a future classic.

The VPB1005 Five String Open Back Banjo has solid maple/flamed maple shell with ebony cap, with flamed maple neck and ebony fingerboard. The frosted Remo Weather King head works perfectly with the Pilgrim Morning Star Tone Ring, to produce a crystal-clear tone and remarkable sustain, authentically recreating the tone and playability of the most highly-sought instruments.

Meanwhile, with all the same great woods, hardware, tone and playability, the VPB100LN Five String Long Necked Open Back Banjo is a truly professional long necked banjo, ideal for the player who prefers the flexibility of lower tunings, without losing the clarity of tone when playing more complicated pieces or higher up the neck.

The VPB1004 Tenor Resonator Banjo combines wonderful tone and superb playability, in a four string banjo that has fantastic projection and instantly invokes those classic tones of yesteryear.

Finally the Morning Star VPB100RE Bluegrass Five String Resonator Banjo has all the drive and projection you will ever need with an integrity of tone that makes it stand out as something very special. Flamed maple resonator, combined with a solid maple/ flamed maple shell, flamed maple neck with ebony cap and the Pilgrim Morning Star tone ring all come together to make a truly professional, top-of-the-line banjo.

“I am really proud of the Pilgrim range,” says designer Paul Tebbutt, “after several years of development from a standing start, we have created a world class range which has completely unique features and attributes, the quality and clarity of tone I’ve strived for, with the Morning Star range being the icing on the cake!”

Vistors to NAMM 2016 can check out the entire Pilgrim Morning Star range on the JHS/ RBI Music Booth 5279 Hall B

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