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Peavey introduces Classic 20 Watt 112 Combo Guitar Amplifier

Peavey introduces Classic 20 Watt 112 Combo Guitar Amplifier

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Peavey® Unveils an Aged to Perfection Classic® 20 Watt 112 Combo Guitar Amplifier

MERIDIAN, MS – Peavey Electronics® introduces the new Classic® 20 watt 112 Combo with an all-tube preamp and power amp, providing the distinctive sonic punch of the larger, iconic amplifiers on which it is based, but in a more compact footprint (7.25” x 14” x 7.75”/185mm x 356mm x197mm) weighing significantly less (34.7 lbs/15.7 kg).  This latest addition brings new life into the legendary product line by now providing players that iconic tone in a package better accommodating to today’s smaller stage and bedroom performances.

Peavey Classic 20 Watt 112 Combo Guitar Amplifier

Boasting two channels that mirror the same voicing and gain structure of its bigger Peavey amplifier siblings, in addition to a specially designed boost function, the Classic 112 Combo is a versatile, powerful unit that is equally suitable to virtually all musical styles, running the gamut from metal to country to jazz and beyond. Two EL84 power tubes and three 12AX7/ECC83 preamp tubes deliver the rich, warm tube-amplifier tones that are so sought after by players and engineers.

Each of the Peavey Classic 112 Combo’s channels shares EQ, an effects loop, and reverb (all footswitchable), while the amp’s rear panel features Microphone Simulated Direct Interface (MSDI™) with XLR output and USB out, 3-position power attenuator switch allowing for 20 watt, 5 watt or 1 watt operation, and speaker defeat switch.

The Classic 112 Combo’s front panel includes a ¼” INPUT jack, VOLUME knob, CHANNEL switch for selection of ‘LEAD’ or ‘RHYTHM’ channels, PRE-GAIN to control the input level of the lead channel (i.e. overdrive and gain), POST GAIN to balance the sound between the two channels, BASS, MIDDLE, & TREBLE EQ controls, REVERB to dial in the amount of ambience, a Pilot Light indicating when AC power is being supplied and the Classic 112 Combo’s POWER SWITCH is in the “ON” position, STANDBY switch, and OUTPUT TUBE STATUS INDICATION (T.S.I.™) LEDS that illuminate red or green, depending on the status of the output tube they are monitoring.

Peavey Classic 20 Watt 112 Combo Guitar Amplifier

The Peavey Classic 112 Combo: genuine tube power and tone – no emulations or simulation – in a smaller, more manageable package and at an attainable price point.  For more information, please visit www.peavey.com

Street Price $999.99 USD

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