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Magnatone Announces The SLASH Signature Series

Magnatone Announces The SLASH Signature Series

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ST. LOUIS, MO – January 23, 2024 – (GUITARpr) – Magnatone is excited to announce the release of the Slash Signature SL-100 Head and SL- 4×12 Speaker Cabinet. This tone machine is covered in green anaconda and black luxurious materials with all gold hardware. To top things off, Slash’s logo and signature appear on the front and back control panel.

Only 100 pieces of this special cosmetic will be produced. Each unit will include its own numbered commemorative plate, hand-signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity, and a special Slash photograph all presented in a custom made green anaconda collectors’ portfolio.

The Magnatone Slash Signature SL-100 head is 100-watt, made in the USA, all-tube amp and was designed with Slash and long-time Magnatone engineer and tube amp guru, Obeid Khan. The SL-100 is the most powerful Magnatone to date. This beast has all the monstrous tone, gain and headroom that Slash requires.

“I’ve become a big fan of the Magnatone sound. And it’s been an honor to help design a 100 watt amp with them. I think we put the Magnatone tone and clarity together with some raw power and crunch. The combination is aggressive and sweet simultaneously, it’s pretty awesome,” said Slash.

A quartet of EL-34 tubes deliver excellent headroom, clarity, and the grind that Slash is known for live and in the studio. The SL-100 pre-amp uses four 12AX7/ECC83 tubes offering two distinct gain modes. This enables players to switch between LO and HI settings via the control panel slide switch or the included one button footswitch.

The LO gain mode is voiced with 60’s Classic Rock tones in mind., The lows fortified slightly and the icepick highs tamed for today’s music. Using a guitar with humbucker pickups fully cranked, the low gain control will yield a medium crunch that satisfies in both depth and tonal quality.

Magnatone SLASH Signature Series

The HI gain mode is designed with a cascaded gain pre-amp style reminiscent of the 1980’s moded design that has been finely tuned to optimize the sound for Slash’s humbucker guitars. The gain control never clouds the guitarist’s tone like all good amps should do, allowing clarity and the true voice of the guitar to be retained. Adjusting the treble control allows the highs to be boosted for guitar pick clarity without being overly harsh.

The SL-100 is a new design that Magnatone and Khan developed to meet SLASH’S needs. Multiple modifications were made to a stock Super Fifty-Nine M-80 to arrive at the final product.

The control panel of the SL-100 has a simple four-band EQ consisting of Treble, Middle, Bass, and Presence, allowing the player to dial their guitar voice easily. The 100-watt power amp allows the EQ to have clarity and focus which are paramount in sound tweaking.

Slash likes to play LOUD, so turn it up for the best results. Low-volume settings also benefit from the headroom available with extensive tonal variations possible. The tube buffered Effects loop has been optimized for pedal-level operation.

Magnatone SLASH Signature Series

The Slash SL- 4×12 speaker cabinet is loaded with four Celestion Vintage 30 speakers, that are Slash’s speaker of choice. These speakers deliver warm tone, smooth and creamy breakup and biting upper mid’s that are hallmark characteristics of Celestion speakers. Cabinet construction is ¾” Baltic Birch wood and handmade in the USA using finger joint woodworking craftmanship. An internal sound post is used for the closed backboard design and the Magnatone logo is lighted when connected to the midi jack on the back of the SL-100 head.

SLASH will perform with these Magnatone amplifiers as SMKC officially kicks off their international The River Is Rising-Rest of the World Tour ’24 on January 23, 2024. The global trek will visit 25 countries, and 39 cities across the globe. For the latest SMKC tickets and information, visit: https://www.slashonline.com/tour/



Magnatone SLASH Signature Series

About Magnatone

The Magnatone brand was first established in 1937 in Los Angeles, CA. The company is most famous for inventing and patenting the stereo pitch-shifting vibrato effect using a non-moving part. Legendary artists like Buddy Holly, Lonnie Mack and Robert Ward have all used Magnatone. Magnatone Amplifiers was revived by Ted Kornblum in 2007 and today Magnatone manufactures high-end boutique tube guitar amplifiers that are made in the USA. Guitarists such as Billy Gibbons, Neil Young, Jason Isbell, Lukas Nelson and Brandi Carlile all play Magnatone.

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