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Logan J Parker: Features Bohemian ‘Honey’ Oil Can Guitar on her Christmas single: ‘Sweet Songs Of Love’

Logan J Parker: Features Bohemian ‘Honey’ Oil Can Guitar on her Christmas single: ‘Sweet Songs Of Love’

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“I’m very excited to announce my new Christmas single ‘Sweet Songs Of Love’, to be released on December 25th which has an underlying theme about being away from the people you love during this special time”, says Logan.

“The track and the video feature my brand new Bohemian ‘Honey’ oil can guitar which I adore so much. I played it recently at my last gig before the latest lockdown, so many people were asking me about these unique guitars.

The first time I saw these incredible looking guitars, I knew I had to have one. I love the fact that the whole concept is eco friendly. Bohemian aren’t chopping down trees to make guitars, they make them out of oil cans and they sound amazing, which is a brilliant idea, they actually plant a tree for every order they receive, how cool is that?”

Logan J Parker  ‘Sweet Songs Of Love’

Born in Portugal, by the sea and a surfer at heart, London based Logan J Parker, has earned respect as one of the finest, independent singer songwriters in the music industry. Her self-titled extended-play released in 2019, written, recorded and produced by herself in the world’s first solar powered studio in London, received critical acclaim and featured the recently released single ‘ My Faith is Hard to Follow’ accompanied by a music video filmed during the COVID-19 lockdown.

“The visual aspect of all Bohemian instruments speaks for itself,” Logan continues, “And the sound is equally impressive. I chose this model again, for the looks, but also for the versatility of the single coil and double coil pickup combination which offers a host of great sounds.”

The full range of Bohemian electric guitars, basses and ukuleles, feature high quality chrome hardware, including fully adjustable bridges and smooth geared machine heads, and a host of assorted pickup choices in a variety of combinations.

With an extended tenon design, each hard rock maple neck extends the full length of the ‘can’ which, along with an internal basswood frame, ensures stability, enhances natural resonance, sustain and output whilst assuring even-weight distribution for a balanced, level playing position when strapped on. Unique to Bohemian, each model also has a removable back panel offering easy access to the interior of the body.

Logan J Parker with Bohemian ‘Honey’ Oil Can Guitar

“I love the simplicity and how uncomplicated my Bo’Honey is,” says Logan “And, with an exceptionally playable, standard guitar size neck, how remarkably easy it is to play. These are great guitars and I love the company’s originality in a world that’s full of repetition. Thanks a million Bohemian.”

Wanna look cool? you can with a Bo’can.

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