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Haramis Musical Hardware Jurassic Parts

Haramis Musical Hardware Limited-Run “Jurassic Parts”

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WALL TOWNSHIP, NJ – Don’t let these bug you out!  Haramis Hardware has announced a limited-run of “Jurassic Parts” featuring actual insects encased in amber fat knobs that will fit a multitude of guitars and other instruments.  Limited to only a few dozen pieces, each knob is handmade by color-wizard Matt Haramis and sports a preserved arthropod in full view.  Don’t worry: these insects died of natural causes.

Check out these and the entire Haramis line at the brand-new haramismusicalhardware.com.

Whereas other hardware on the market utilizes surface-printed designs that lack depth of color and realism, Haramis Musical Hardware uses proprietary casting methods that require an artist’s careful touch to bring them to life.  The colors produced are vibrant and vivid with a remarkably three-dimensional appearance.  All color blending, fitting, and polishing is carefully done by hand by artist Matthew Haramis, ensuring that each piece of hardware is a one-of-a-kind work of art.  All hardware is produced in small batches to keep the quality high and the colors unique.  The goal of Haramis Musical Hardware is to make hardware that is no longer an overlooked afterthought, but an essential artful creation that will give your treasured instrument personality.


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