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Godlyke TWA Triskelion Mk. III Harmonic Energizer

Godlyke releases TWA Triskelion Mk. III Harmonic Energizer

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The Triskelion is a midrange booster with adjustable gain.  The pedal’s specially-tuned filter allows the user to select a specific frequency and adjust its peak from shallow to extremely sharp.

The Godlyke TWA Triskelion Mk. III Harmonic Energizer can create glassy clean tones, boost mids for throaty solos, push an amp into overdrive or tune your rig to any room for walls of singing, resonant feedback – the possibilities are almost limitless.  

The Triskelion Mk III features several improvements over previous versions, including lower noise floor, footswitchable gain, and expression pedal control of the frequency.  All in a smaller, more pedalboard friendly package.

Street price for the Triskelion Mk. III is $229

You can read more about the Triskelion and watch video demos here – TWA TRISKELION Mk. III

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