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Fiedler Audio Spacelab 1.5 3D Reverb - public beta

Fiedler Audio announce Spacelab 1.5 – public beta of acclaimed 3D Reverb

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Fiedler Audio releases Spacelab Version 1.5 Public Beta with direct 3D Reverb feed into the Dolby Atmos Composer

SALE: SpaceLab goes Dolby Atmos – Public Beta Celebration Sale: all products 25% off

Fiedler Audio/ Germany, June 14th, 2023 – Fiedler Audio, the German reverb professionals and renowned specialists for „space-in-audio creation tools“ today announced Spacelab 1.5, another significant update to Fiedler’s acclaimed 3D Reverb developed in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute.

Spacelab 1.5 now seamlessly integrates with the Dolby Atmos Composer. This means that there is now a 3D Reverb plug-in that feeds directly into the complete Dolby Atmos Bed.

The following features have been added to both Spacelab Interstellar and Spacelab Ignition 1.5:

  • Seamless integration with Dolby Atmos Composer
  • LFE HANDLING – LFE signals at the input will be handled properly and passed through to the output speaker layout. Spacelab’s speaker layout editor allows for freely assigning LFE(s) to the respective channel(s).
    Better and smoother 3D panning plus 2 additional new spaces . The options Space – R,
    Space – E and Space – O and the new Spaces A1 and A2 offer different overall tonal characters. Depending on the content now there is a choice for getting the best possible room response for monitoring and binaural production.
  • Mono Switch in Spacelab Beam addresses unwanted stereo operation forced by some DAWs (eg. Ableton LIVE, Reaper, BitWig)
  • Open Beam Editor directly from Spacelab
  • Beam Manual Delay Compensation on all DAWs – Allows for manual compensation of latency issues in buggy hosts (Logic Pro X 10.7.8, Pro Tools 2023.6)
  • And a number of minor bug fixes

Only available in Spacelab Interstellar 1.5

  • AUTOMATION IN BEAM – Source parameter automation possible on each track with inserted Beam plug-in

The update is available to all registered owners of Spacelab Interstellar and Spacelab Ignition for free from:

Spacelab Interstellar: https://fiedler-audio.com/spacelab-interstellar/
Spacelab Ignition: https://fiedler-audio.com/spacelab-ignition/

To make the start into 3D Audio and Dolby Atmos production comfortable, Fiedler Audio offer bundles for the various product combinations:

Dolby Atmos Composer + Spacelab Interstellar for Euro/USD 749,-
Dolby Atmos Composer + Spacelab Ignition for Euro/USD 449,-
Dolby Atmos Composer Essential + Spacelab Interstellar for Euro/USD 649,-
Dolby Atmos Composer Essential + Spacelab Ignition for Euro/USD 349,-

And during the beta phase Fiedler Audio is running the „SpaceLab goes Dolby Atmos/ Public Beta Celebration“ for 25% off on all Fiedler Audio products.

Fiedler Audio Spacelab 1.5 3D Reverb - public beta

For further information please visit: www.fiedler-audio.com
More Information on Fraunhofer IIS: www.iis.fraunhofer.de/audio

About Fiedler Audio

Fiedler Audio stands for the highest quality in sound and design. Founded in 2013 in Munich, Germany, Fiedler Audio is dedicated to the creation of professional music and audio software for Mac, PC, and mobile devices. The company’s mission is to provide extraordinary audio production tools for musicians, DJs, audio engineers, and producers. Be it in the studio, at an event or gig, at home on the sofa, or in the park – Fiedler Audio software opens up new creative horizons.

Fiedler Audio is also the one that provides the reverb engine for the acclaimed Brainworx bx_rooMS plug-In and the unique „stage“ plug-In that gives mixes that final shine and depth, heard on countless records, drawing out any hidden details and character. By leveraging subtle delays, internal phase augmentation, and modulation techniques, „stage“ emphasizes the natural depth and space of any natural recording or synthesized element. The result is an increase in overall definition and perceived size – all elusive qualities that in the end contribute to a type of sonic „gravitas“ that will quickly become indispensable to any audio toolkit. Also, Fiedler Audio was the first to bring hi-class, professional studio „hardware-grade“ reverb software to iOS and Rack Extension platforms in the form of the AD 480 Reverb.


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