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Eventide Releases VSig 3.0 as a Public Beta

Eventide Releases VSig 3.0 as a Public Beta

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A Free Visual Editor for Creating H9000 Algorithms

Summer NAMM 2019 – July 18, 2019, Little Ferry, NJ – Eventide is proud to announce the public beta of its visual editor app, VSig, that enables the creation of custom algorithms and presets for the Eventide H9000 Harmonizer®. This tool, the very tool that we use, is now available to sound designers as a public beta, giving them free reign to explore their sonic imagination by creating new algorithms. Not for the faint of heart but gratifying for any H9000 user with an understanding of basic digital audio techniques and a dream.

VSig is a Visual Editor. It was the app that Eventide first built as a way to create new effects for the DSP4000, DSP7000, H8000. VSig lets the sound designer create new effects using Eventide’s library of building blocks. Users can add and connect these building blocks (EQs, delays, compressors, reverb, pitch shifters, etc.).

This public beta release is the version of VSig that Eventide is currently using in house for algorithm development for the H9, H9000, etc.. It is available now as a free download for H9000 owners. For system compatibility and support information, please visit: https://etide.io/VSig

Eventide Releases VSig 3.0 as a Public Beta

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