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Elk LIVE Releases Free Native App for Mac OS

Elk LIVE Releases Free Native App for Mac OS

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Desktop Software Connects Musicians Online for Live, Real- ‘Jamming’ Over the Internet with Near-Zero Audio Latency

Elk LIVE for Mac OS Brings Musicians Together Online for Real-Time Remote Jamming, Rehearsals or Live Performances in Perfect Sync, with High Fidelity Studio-Quality Audio

STOCKHOLM, SWE (April 10, 2023) – Elk today announced it has launched a native app version of Elk LIVE for the Mac OS desktop. Elk LIVE connects musicians online for live, real-time jamming over the Internet with ultra-low latency, and requiring nothing more than a standard audio interface and an Internet connection.

With Elk LIVE, musicians can come together in its online virtual studio for real-time remote jamming, rehearsing, and collaborating ideas for songwriting – in perfect sync and with high fidelity, studio-quality audio as if they were in the same room.

The new Elk LIVE native app for Mac OS is also ideal for delivering live online music lessons; now that Elk LIVE is available as a software-only download, students can easily download the software and connect with their teachers online for a low-latency, real-time lesson.

The Elk LIVE native app for Mac OS is available now as a free download at https://www.elk.live/. There are no restrictions and anyone with a Mac OS system can download the software, create an account with no financial credentials required, and begin jamming online immediately.

The Company will offer Elk LIVE for Mac OS for free during an initial launch period, after which a freemium model will be adopted. Details of the new pricing models will be announced at that time.

The Elk LIVE Experience

With a clean, elegant yet simple user interface, Elk LIVE is designed for musicians of every skill level and every genre to connect with their fellow bandmates quickly and easily so they can immerse themselves in their music.

At launch, Elk LIVE will be available on Mac OS, and musicians can connect their instruments to their Mac OS device using any I/O audio interface for an ultra-low-latency experience.

Elk LIVE connects to the Internet by connecting your Mac OS device to a standard Internet router.

Key features of Elk LIVE include:

  • Up to 5 Player Sessions: Elk LIVE lets you connect up to five people and play like you are in the same room.
  • Mixer: The onboard mixer gives you total control of Elk LIVE and lets you send two channels of audio and receive the same from each player.
  • Video Chat: Visually connect with each other to see important queues and communicate with your bandmates. Elk LIVE uses the camera and microphone on your computer for chatting – much like a Zoom call – so as not to interfere with the real-time live audio from your jam session.

An Elk LIVE for Windows native app is in development and will be released soon.

The Elk Bridge

For those musicians who want the Elk LIVE experience, but prefer a dedicated hardware solution or who do not own a Mac OS device, Elk will continue to offer the Elk Bridge. The Elk Bridge is an industry-first hardware device that connects to the Internet via a standard router and features onboard A/D and D/A converters for outstanding high-fidelity studio-quality audio.

The Bridge effectively functions like a standard class-compliant USB audio interface, making it the perfect tool for both online and offline musical projects. USB-C out enables musicians to record directly from the Bridge into their favorite DAW. The Elk LIVE Bridge also lets them access Elk LIVE via a web browser, and works with any computer, and on multiple platforms (Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android).

System Requirements

  • Mac OS v11.0 or higher
  • Standard audio interface that supports at least two inputs, or simply use the audio interface built into a Mac OS device
  • Connects via WiFi, or via an Ethernet cable connecting your MacOS device to a standard router for optimum performance

Pricing and Availability

Elk LIVE for Mac OS is available immediately worldwide and is a free download. To download Elk LIVE for Mac OS, please visit www.elk.live.

About Elk

Elk is a small band of musicians, engineers, entrepreneurs, and innovators who had an idea for creating new ways to bring musicians together – no matter where in the world they may be. Elk’s ambition is to create new innovations that bridge the gap between musicians and technology, and forever change the way we learn, create, record, and share music. For more information, please visit www.elk.live.

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