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EarthQuaker Devices + Brain Dead Ghost Echo

Extra Special Collaboration! EarthQuaker Devices + Brain Dead Ghost Echo!

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AKRON, OHIO, July 2022 – EarthQuaker Devices is delighted to announce a limited-edition colorway for the Ghost Echo™ Vintage Voiced Reverb in collaboration with the international creative studio Brain Dead. We deeply dig the eclectic sub and counter-culture streetwear and lifestyle brand’s ethos and unique graphic approach. We are pleased as punch they wanted to use the Ghost Echo as a pedal-sized canvas to slather their creative and colorful artistic vision. The Brain Dead Ghost Echo looks awesome, and its hallucinatory, eye-magnetizing graphics perfectly match the pedal’s phantasmagorical sound. Plus, the Brain Dead folks have added specially designed packaging for the pedal that will demand a spot on your mantle.

The Los Angeles-based Brain Dead has been spreading its creativity and unabashed love and appreciation of all art forms, including music, cinema, and literature. Their limited-edition collaborations with artists, bands, brands, and companies are consistently and singularly stylish, mixing and matching high and low-brow art from all mediums while remaining true to the street and subcultures that inspired them.

The limited-edition Brain Dead Ghost Echo, featuring true bypass, silent relay-based Flexi-Switch® Technology, is available now at local EarthQuaker dealers and online retailers for the standard price of $199.

EarthQuaker Devices + Brain Dead Ghost Echo EarthQuaker Devices + Brain Dead Ghost Echo

    • All-analog signal path
    • True bypass
    • Silent relay-based switching with Flexi-Switch® Technology
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Current Draw: 86 mA
    • Input Impedance: 10 MΩ
    • Output Impedance: 1 kΩ
    • List Price: $199 USD

About Brain Dead:

Brain Dead is a creative studio with deep ties to the fringe. We are a global collective of artists, designers, musicians, makers and general creatives. Brain Dead is not one person, nor is it one idea, it sits in the space between people, culture, entertainment and product.


About EarthQuaker Devices:

Akron, Ohio-based, hand-crafted effects pedal manufacturer EarthQuaker Devices, top-six in the U.S. and one of the top-10 in the world, creates products that are available in over 865 retail locations in approximately 50 countries. Key retailers include Guitar Center, Sam Ash, Sweetwater and Thomann.

The company’s current workforce reaches over 50 individuals, and has been praised for its commitment to inclusion, diversity and cooperation with other pedal manufacturers by Best Guitar Effects.


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