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Death By Audio Drops SPACE BENDER Chorus Modulator Pedal

Death By Audio Drops SPACE BENDER Chorus Modulator Pedal

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Death By Audio Effects announced today the SPACE BENDER Chorus Modulator effects pedal – available now from Death By Audio dealers in standard black and on Reverb.com in exclusive white and orange, limited to 200 units.

The SPACE BENDER chorus modulator replicates and warps your signal into beautiful and organic transmissions from a dimension somewhere beyond linear time.

An array of dynamically modulated delay lines allows you to craft subtle vintage sci-fi sounds, bending sonic bedlam, and pulsing atmospheres.

Death By Audio SPACE BENDER Chorus Modulator Pedal

“Never again will you say this chorus pedal just isn’t intense enough!” says Oliver Ackermann, Executive Director of the DBA Astronomical Society.

The spectrum of living, breathing sound manipulations stowed within the SPACE BENDER serve as an interstellar gateway for the next wave of musicians to create a universe of haunting and unexplored soundscapes.

Two knobs and three rocker switches let you move smoothly through a wide range of effect types allowing for new ways of thinking and experimenting with modulated delay, chorus, and flanger sounds. Stretch and pull your sound waves to craft glassy bell resonances, massive reverse dive bombs, and seasick demon drones with a simple (but deep) interface.

Death By Audio SPACE BENDER Chorus Modulator Pedal

SPACE BENDER is available now in standard black at DBA dealers and deathbyaudio.com, plus a 200-unit limited run white and orange colorway exclusive to Reverb.com.

About Death By Audio

Death By Audio handmakes effect pedals in an underground warehouse in Queens, NYC.

Founded in 2002 by A Place To Bury Strangers singer-guitarist Oliver Ackermann, Death By Audio’s inaugural years were spent warehouse-jumping from Virginia to Brooklyn, eventually spending nine years in the infamous Williamsburg Death By Audio effects pedal factory, venue, recording studio, and live-work space. After the venue closed its doors in 2014, Death By Audio moved the effects pedal workshop to Ridgewood, Queens, where Oliver and crew continue to make pedals by hand.

Our goal at Death By Audio is to inspire you. Go and play some music right now. Hear your sound transform through one of our effect pedals. Turn your instrument upside down and play it with your other hand. Tape a microphone to your head. Search for cool and interesting sounds to make something new in the world.

And because we like to destroy things, all Death By Audio effect pedals are guaranteed for life. If you can possibly break it, we will fix it. We guarantee it.

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