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Ivor Mairants are delighted to announce the arrival of Flattley Boutique Effects Pedals designed and built in the UK

Ivor Mairants announce the arrival of Flattley Boutique Effects Pedals

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The Flattley range of Platinum and Silver Series boutique effects pedals are now available online from Ivor Mairants Musicentre webstore.

Ivor Mairants are delighted to announce the arrival of Flattley Boutique Effects Pedals designed and built in the UK

UK based company Flattley Guitar Pedals, have been manufacturing high-quality, custom boutique guitar and bass effect pedals since 2016, designed, and meticulously hand-built and hand wired in England using only components of the finest quality.

With stunning artwork often based on Mexican sugar skulls, all models within the popular Flattley Platinum and Silver Series models which include overdrive, distortion, phase, univibe and tremolo units, highlight Flattley’s creativity. Creativity that has earned respect from the music industry and from guitar players around the world, who have labelled Flattley pedals as modern day classics, whilst adoring their lush tones, transparency and extremely low noise level.

As a guitar player and a highly qualified electronics engineer, Flattley knows exactly what guitar players require within versatility, functionality and sound.

“I’ve always been a guitar player,” says Paul, “I also worked for over 30 years as an avionics technician in the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm working on helicopters, so when I started Flattley pedals back in 2016, I was very confident I could produce high-quality products with superior built qualities, immense tonal versatility and reliability. I’m also old school, by that, I mean we are still analogue here, it’s all hands-on. I’ve built all our pedals with live performance in mind, either in the studio or on stage.”

The powerful and dynamic Platinum Range “Revolution” overdrive pedal with a trio of clipping options and the popular transparent Silver Series Overdrive, are both fine examples that highlight Paul Flattley’s ability to transpose ‘head sounds’ into reality. From the first schematic diagram to completion, each and every Flattley effects pedal, is hand-built and hand-wired in house in the UK, as Paul explains,

“I’m passionate to say the least, about our products being built in the in the UK within a 30 radius of our premises, and also packaged in sustainable recycled materials. Every pedal starts life as a schematic diagram, which is then tested for many hours in basic prototyping formats, when we are 100% satisfied that the sound and component values are all correct, the unit is sent to our PCB design and manufacture company here in Gloucestershire.”

Aside from tonal qualities and performances, Flattley pedal enclosures are renowned for their innovative graphic designs, with artwork often based on Mexican sugar skulls.

The Platinum Series models for example, also feature metallic holographic chrome flake, applied by slowly dipping by hand through activated hydrographic film… for that ‘personal touch’. The Platinum Series pedals also feature aluminium control knobs with laser etched descriptive text and, like the Silver Range, features colourful HALO status on/off switch ring lights as standard to dissipate glare whilst performing.

Check out the full range of Flattley boutique effects pedals at www.IvorMairants.co.uk

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