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DR.Z Releases Latest Official Kemper Amp Profiles

DR.Z Releases Latest Official Kemper Amp Profiles

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Cleveland, OH – October 16th 2017 – With the resounding success of the last Official Dr. Z Kemper Profile Pack, Dr. Z and Nashville guitarist Dave Baker were excited to collaborate again on new pack of profiles featuring more of Dr. Z’s lauded line up of amplifiers. This pack includes 28 profiles of 9 amplifiers including an exclusive amplifier that has yet to be released to the public: the class A, parallel single-ended Z-PLUS. This Kemper pack marks the “debut” of the Z-PLUS to guitarists worldwide in front of the physical release of the amp, which is slated for late-2017. Dr. Z and Dave hope this newest pack is received as well by the Kemper community as the last one was.

The Official Dr. Z Kemper Profile Pack 2 includes:

  • M12 – 3 Profiles
  • MAZ 8 – 3 Profiles
  • MAZ 38 – 3 Profiles
  • MAZ 38 NR – 3 Profiles
  • Monza – 3 Profiles
  • Remedy – 3 Profiles
  • Surgical Steel – 2 Profiles
  • Therapy – 4 Profiles
  • Z PLUS – 4 Profiles ***EXCLUSIVE yet-to-be-released amp***

Official Dr. Z Amplification Kemper Profile Pack 2 trailer

Video by Dr Z Amplification

The Official Dr. Z Amps Kemper Profile pack 2 is available for $35.00 at the Z-Gear Store: http://www.drzamps-zgear.com/store/p32/Kemper_profiles.html

About Dr. Z Amps

Dr. Z Amps have been hand-built in Cleveland, OH since 1988. Dr. Z’s designs have become a cornerstone in the boutique amplifier market since the company’s inception and are played by professional musicians including Joe Walsh, Brad Paisley, and Walter Becker on stage and in studios across the globe. With a current lineup of 21 amplifiers, Dr. Z Amplification has a plethora of tones from country, to jazz, to hard rock and has created classic sounds for the last 30 years.

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