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Dean Markley announces new Signature Strings

Dean Markley announces new Signature Strings

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Dean Markley announces new Signature Strings to compliment their Artists Series line, and new NickelSteel Signature Bass String gauge.

Two new Signature Sets have been added to the Dean Markley Artist Series line of electric guitars strings. These include custom gauge sets from platinum selling solo artist, Orianthi and hardcore punk guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein.

Dean Markley Orianthi Artist Signature Strings

Chart topping solo artist Orianthi’s guitar playing prowess and stylish flair, have made her one of the most desired hired guns in the business. Her new Orianthi Signature electric string set has been developed by combining Dean Markley’s popular cryogenically treated, Blue Steel strings, with a combination of her favourite light gauges (9-52) to give her that bendable, sustaining top end and at the same time, a tight, fat, ballsy bottom. No other set on the market compares.

Orianthi quotes…. “They never go dull, which I love, and I don’t break them.”

Dean Markley Doyle Artist Series ‘Annihilator’ Signature Set

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein’s approach to the guitar fretboard is far from subtle.

Needless to say, substantially engineered guitar strings with excellent tone and longevity are a must for Doyle, one of the masters of raw, hardcore punk guitar rhythms, pounding riffs and soaring solos within horror punk band Misfits and his own band Doyle.

Like many players in the Artist Series Signature Sets, Doyle has left the science behind the strings to the pros at Dean Markley.

The new Doyle (10-60 gauge) Signature Series ‘Annihilator’ strings, are made of nickel-plated steel, hand-wound slowly over a hex core with the outer string wrap maintaining 100% contact with the core. The core-to-wrap ratio also makes bending easier and in Doyle’s case, the wrap ratio provides the physical and tonal durability he needs for his aggressive style of playing.

When it comes to his guitar strings, Doyle turns to the Dean Markley Signature Series. When asked why, the monster man of few words simply remarks,

“Because I beat the [expletive] out of them, and they don’t break.”

Dean Markley Extra Medium gauge Nicklesteel Bass Strings

Dean Markley NickelSteel Signature Bass Strings are used and loved by thousands of pros worldwide. Quality craftsmanship with superb tone and longevity, is once again the benchmark for the new Extra Medium 50-110 gauge NickelSteel Signature Bass Strings.

Like all bass strings throughout the Signature Series, the new Extra Medium gauge strings utilise nickel plated steel, slowly wound over a hex core with a unique core-to-wrap ratio, offering 100% contact with the core ensuring maximum transfer of tone, sustain and assists tuning stability.

Available in a 4 string set, the new Dean Markley Extra Medium NickelSteel Signature Bass Strings, offer the same solid, full, bright, punchy sound that the NickelSteel Bass brand is recognised for.

The new Dean Markley Extra Medium NickelSteel 4 string set, end the wait for bass players who want their high-quality, medium strings to be a little bit heavier.

Orianthi Artist Series Signature electric guitar stringsDM25540R
Gauge: 009/.011/.017/.030/.042/.052
£8.99 rrp
Doyle Artist Series Signature electric guitar strings.DM2504DO
Gauge: 010/.013/.017/.028/.038/.060
£6.49 rrp
Signature NickelSteel Bass Strings – Extra MediumDM2605A
Gauge: 50-110
£22.99 rrp
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