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Dean Markley Doyle Artist Series Signature Strings

Dean Markley Doyle Artist Series Signature Strings

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Dean Markley Introduces Doyle Artist Series Signature Set: The Perfect Fit for Misfits

GLENDALE, AZ — Headbangers know there’s nothing more sinister than when a string snaps during a monstrous moment. Inspired by Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, the epicenter of the punk thrash band Doyle and original founding member/lead guitarist of the Misfits, Dean Markley unveils the Doyle Artist Series Signature Set—the perfect fit for players who need electric guitar strings that can endure physical challenge while maintaining excellent tone.

Doyle is widely considered a pioneer of speed/thrash metal guitar playing. The Misfits’ last album, 1983’s “Earth AD/Wolf’s Blood,” is revered as a genre blueprint, and Doyle later embarked on a successful solo career, starting his eponymous band and launching his own label, Monsterman Records. When it comes to his guitar strings, Doyle turns to the Dean Markley Signature Series. When asked why, the monster man of few words simply remarks, “Because I beat the [expletive] out of them, and they don’t break.”

“Because I beat the [expletive] out of them, and they don’t break.”

Like many artists, Doyle has left the science behind the strings to the pros at Dean Markley. Signature Series strings are made of nickel-plated steel hand-wound slowly over a hex core. The outer string wrap maintains 100% contact with the core resulting in a string that vibrates completely for maximum sustain, creating a warm, full sound. The core-to-wrap ratio also makes bending easier than other strings. In Doyle’s case, the wrap ratio provides the physical and tonal durability he needs for his aggressive style of playing. Honoring the man, the monster and the legend himself, Dean Markley now introduces The Doyle Artist Series Signature set with custom gauges at .011/.013/.017/.030/.042/.052.

Dean Markley Introduces Doyle Artist Series Signature Set

Players who want to invoke fear without the dread of breaking their strings can pick up the Doyle Artist Series Signature Set at their local music shop. Learn more about Dean Markley’s Electric Signature Series and other products at www.deanmarkley.com.

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein Having Fun With Dean Markley

Video by Dean Markley USA

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