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Cort KX307 Multi Scale Electric Guitar

Cort Turns Up Power with New KX307 Multi Scale Electric Guitar

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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA  — Cort turns up the power on its KX Series of electric guitars with the introduction of the KX307 Multi Scale. Combining Cort’s unique fret configuration and specially designed PowerBar pickups that churn out explosive high output evenly across all seven strings, the KX307 Multi Scale delivers extreme capabilities in a highly attractive, approachable package.

The KX307 Multi Scale features the same quality and features of the multi-scale, multi-string guitars that Cort is known for. The highly functional build starts with reliable tonewoods. The mahogany body produces warm, deep resonance that’s ideal for the low-end growl associated with this model. The neck’s roasted maple wood is treated in an oxygen-free oven at a high temperature, stabilizing and developing enhanced stability, bold tone, and a more luxurious, golden-brown vintage look. The KX307 Multi Scale aesthetics are topped off with a choice of either an Open Pore Mahogany or Open Pore Black body finish, and a teardrop acryl black inlay on the fretboard.

The seven-string multi-scale measures 25.5 to 27 inches, giving the KX307 Multi Scale a tight and punchy low-end for the low-B and low-E strings on the extended scale length. This design effectively maintains the familiar feel and tension on treble strings for speedy runs and string-bending. The neutral fret is in the eighth position for a more natural spread angle of the frets, ensuring better playability even on the lower frets.

The structural design of the KX307 Multi Scale properly sets up Cort’s PowerBar pickups, which are passive bar-type humbuckers specially designed for multi-string guitars. Fully articulate and responsive, the PowerBars ensure even and balanced output across all seven strings while providing eruptive high output that’s most suited for modern extreme music. Cort keeps the controls clean and simple, with one volume pot and one tone pot along with a 3-way pickup selector.

Cort further prioritizes utility when it comes to the KX307 Multi Scale’s hardware. The individual hardtail bridge allows each string to feed through the body, resulting in greatly improved sustain, superb string separation (2 1/16-inch nut width) for greater articulation, and precise intonation. The spoke nut Hotrod truss rod ensures smooth and precise adjustments, allowing players to dial in the exact amount of neck bow depending on their technique and playing style.

At the headstock, Cort applies its Next Gen Cort logo, a modern, sleek design that complements the aggressive styling of the KX Series. Die-cast tuners and black nickel hardware complete the edgy aesthetic of the KX307 Multi Scale.

Introduced in 2018, the KX Series of multi-scale guitars have earned a reputation for being versatile, solid workhorses designed for extreme guitarists. The KX307 Multi Scale carries on that blazing torch, balancing extreme-style high output with a highly aesthetic, user-friendly design. MSRP: US$849.99

MAP(Street): US$599.99

Learn more about the KX307 Multi Scale and get a closer look at other KX Series guitars at www.cortguitars.com.

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